LGBT Party (Wellmoore)

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The LGBT Party is a political party in the Kingdom of Wellmoore. Ideologically the LGBT Party sit on the Centre-Left of the Political Spectrum.

The LGBT Party was founded in 2020 by the Right Honourable Lord Axel MP, the current Prime Minister of Wellmoore.

LGBT Party
LeaderThe Rt. Hon. Lord Axel MP
FounderThe Rt. Hon. Lord Axel MP
FoundedSeptember 2020
RegisteredSeptember 2020
National affiliationWellmoore's Flag.jpg Kingdom of Wellmoore



The LGBT Party was founded in September 2020 by the Right Honorable Lord Axel MP as the first political party in Wellmoore.


Party Structure

Currently the LGBT Party is lead by the Prime Minister of Wellmoore.

The Party Leader may appoint people into roles such as Chairman of the Party and accept party members.

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