Midnight City

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Midnight City
Cidade da Meia Noite
Capital City
Coat of Arms of Midnight City
CountryKingdom of Wellmoore
Founded5 January 2021
Founded byLuke of Wellmoore
 • TypeLocal Administrative Unit
 • BodyMidnight City Council
 • MayorNone Elected
 • Total6
DemonymsMidnight Citizens
Midnight People

Midnight City is the capital and largest city of Wellmoore, located in the Apsion region of Wellmoore. Midnight City is run by the Mayor of Midnight City and the Midnight City Council.


Midnight City was founded by Luke of Wellmoore on 5 January 2021, and was appointed the Capital City of Wellmoore. It was also the first city to be founded in Wellmoore.


Local Government

Midnight City is lead by the Midnight City Mayor and the Midnight City Council.

Every one to two years a mayoral election takes place.

National Government

Midnight City is the seat of HM's Government of Wellmoore. Many government departments, the Houses of Parliament as well as the Prime Minister of Wellmoore's residence are all located in Midnight City. Midnight Palace, the Monarch of Wellmoore's official residence is also located in Midnight City.

Notable People

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