Lord Mayor of Apsion

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The Lord Mayor of Apsion is the elected head of the region of Apsion and the Chair of the Apsion Regional Council.

Lord Mayor of Apsion
Lorde Prefeito de Apsion
None Elected
Apsion Regional Council
StyleThe Right Honourable (formal)
Lord Mayor (informal)
TypeDistrict Head of Government
Member ofApsion Regional Council
ResidenceMidnight City
AppointerDirect Election
Term length3 years
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Wellmoore
Formation14th of March 2020

Titles and Honours

Apsion, one of Wellmoore's three regions, has an elected Lord Mayor (like Oxhall and Fairwood). The style used for those in office is "The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Apsion".


The office of Lord Mayor of Apsion was established on the 14th of March 2020 with the foundation of the Kingdom of Wellmoore and the establishment of the Apsion region.


Lord Mayoral elections happen every three years, with those voting being the Wellmoorean Citizens residing in Apsion. Unlike the Prime Minister, the Lord Mayor is elected by Direct Election.


The role of the Lord Mayor of Apsion is to manage the region of Apsion and work with local city councils to ensure the region is being run effectively.

Lord Mayor's Show

Another role of the Lord Mayor is to host the Lord Mayor's Show the day after being sworn in.

The Lord Mayor parades around the cities located within Apsion, followed by hosting a banquet with senior governmental figures.

Rights and Privileges

The Lord Mayor of Apsion is entitled to reside in the Mansion of the Lord Mayor in Apsion.

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