Foreign relations of Taihan

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Foreign relations of Taihan are the relations between the Empire of Taihan and other countries. It is handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taihan.

Recognized; Formal relations

Flag Nation Recognized Notes
PeoplesRepublicofHashimaFlag.png Principality of Hashima 28 September 2014 -
Flag of Shurigawa.png Greater Shurigawan Empire 17 October 2014 -
Flag of Choseon.png Empire of Choseon 13 January 2015 -
Flag of the Han Dynasty.png Han dynasty (Beiwan) 2 March 2015 -

Recognized without any relations

Flag Nation
Flag of Molossia.png Republic of Molossia
Flag Sch.PNG UfKpR Schwanensee
Lbpflag.png Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros
GermanReichofMednyiFlag.png Great Empire of Dikameppra

Recognized nations

Flag Nation
Flag of the United Nations.png All members of UN (with few expection)
Flag of Korea (1882-1910).png Yi dynasty (Recognised as a legitimate government of Korea)
Flag of Taiwan.png Republic of China (Recognised as a legitimate government of China)

Hostile relations

Flag Nation Notes
Flag of Ryukyu.png Ryukyu Empire Taihan is engaged in several territorial disputes with its neighbour: with the Ryukyu Empire over the Senkaku Islands.
Flag of the Empire of Vietnam.png Empire of Vietnam Taihan faces an ongoing dispute with the Empire of Vietnam over the latter's abduction of Taihanese citizens.