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Thomas To
1st Prime Minister of Taihan
Leader of the Concordia Association
In office
17 July 2010 - 29 July 2014
Emperor Jiuhong Emperor
Predecessor Office established
Successor Robert Zhang
Personal information
Born 3 April 1979 (1979-04-03) (age 42)
Flag of Hong Kong (1959-1997).png British Hong Kong
Citizenship Flag of Taihan.png Empire of Taihan
Nationality Flag of Hong Kong.png Hong kongese
Flag of Taihan.png Taihanese
Religion Chinese folk religion

Thomas To, also known with his Chinese name To Tian-han, (Chinese: 杜天翰) (born 3 April 1979) is a Taihanese politician. He served as Prime Minister of Taihan and leader of the Concordia Association from 17 July 2010 to 29 July 2014.

Early life

Thomas To was born in Hong Kong under British rule, on April 3, 1979. During his childhood, he enjoyed fishing with his parents, eventually it became a family business when Thomas reached the age of 12.

When Thomas reached 20 years of age, he attended to university to study business career. After his years at university, he became business partners with Yen Hui-jeou and they both had a very close friendship.

Founding a micronation

Thomas To (left) and Yen Hui-jeou (right) planning on creating a new micronation, Taihan.

Ever since the British retreat in 1997, Thomas To and Yen Hui-jeou opposed the Communist Party of China and the Hong Kong SAR and took part in demonstrations.

Thomas To was invited by Yen Hui-jeou to come with his followers and act as the head of state for Taihan.

As Prime Minister

When Yen Hui-jeou became Emperor of Taihan he handpicked Thomas to be Taihan's first Prime Minister, he ran office for nearly 4 years and resigned in 2014. During his office, he established the Concordia Association, the first ruling party of Taihan from 2010 to late 2014. Thomas To resigned as Prime Minister on 29 July 2014 and was succeeded by Robert Zhang.


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