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This is the page about foreign affairs of Duaktoserija.

Foreign policy

The Foreign policy of the Duaktoserija is complicated. Macronational recognition is strict in the country.The micronation does not recognize states which have unilaterally declared independence, as Duaktoserija believes that countries affected (e.g. Serbia),have the right to protect its territorial intergraty and that the process of independence was formally agreed to.Therefore the Duaktoserija does not recognize: Kosovo,The Donestk Peoples Republic,IS,Luhansk Republic,Northern Cyprus and Transnistria. Embassies of Duaktoserija are only virtual and in order to develop diplomatic relations with other states,both Duaktoserija anf the micronation it wishes to have relations with, must recognize each other and help each other in joining organizations and developing new diplomatic relations.


Foreign embassies

Duaktoserijan embassies are virtual. We have only one foreign embassy on Discord.

  • Farrar Republic


Orden of Friendship.png - Orden of Friendship All people that have helped Duaktoserija in many ways and that deserve something from Duaktoserija will have this.

Recipents: Edwin Farrar 27 January 2017.

Order of Loyalty.png - Orden of Loyalty All people that have helped Duaktoserija many times and that helped Duaktoserija in really bad times will get this orden.

Recipents: No one yet.

Order of the King.png - Orden of the King Only people that have helped Duaktoserija for 6 months or more can get this. This is the highest orden you could get from Duaktoserija.

Recipents: No one yet.

Formal relations

  • CoriaFlag.png Kingdom of Coria

With most micronations there is a signed treaty.


Duaktoserija is a member of 5 different organizations.

Organization Date
Union Against Micronational War logo.png Union Against Micronational War 26 December 2016
GUM nlogo.PNG Grand Unified Micronational 8 January 2017
BU.jpg Balkan Union 10 January 2017
Microagpact.png International Agricultural Development Pact 10 January 2017


Organization Date
EuroSerbianUnion.svg EuroSerbian Union 7 January 2017

Twin cities


Duaktoserija recognizes:

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