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"A1" redirects here. For roads and former micronations known as A1, see A1 (disambiguation).
Federated Republics of A1




A1 National Anthem
A1 location map.png
Melbourne, Australia; Surakarta, Indonesia; San Francisco, California, U.S.A.; Micras; Sydney, Australia
Capital cityAstolbia
Largest cityAstolbia
Official language(s)Australian English, Indonesian, US English, Classical Greek
Official religion(s)None
Short nameA1
GovernmentParliamentary democracy
- First SecretaryJames Wilary
LegislatureFRA1 Parliament
EstablishedJanuary 2008 (as the MGPRA1)
reformed as FRA1 - November 2010
Area claimed~9km²
Population40 (October 2011)
CurrencyAustralian Dollar ($), Indonesian Rupiah (Rp), United States dollar ($)
Time zone(UTC +10, +7, +0 or -8)
This nation is a member of the OAM and Micras Treaty Organisation

The Federated Republics of A1 was founded on 4 November 2010, after the federation of all four protectorates of the former Most Glorious People's Republic of A1. It has since become a prosperous and influential nation, at least within the 'MicroWiki Sphere'. It was formerly known as the 'Most Glorious People's Republic of A1' although both have simply used 'A1' in general communications.

A1 prides itself on not being a micronation based entirely virtually, but exists mainly in 'real life', through such activities as military exercises, government meetings and government projects. It officially 'moved' away from the MicroWiki Sector in November 2011, following the Linden Affair and maintains ties with both it and the Micras Sector. The founder of A1, Gregory Watkins, left micronationalism on the 13th May 2012 after private details which were illegally published on the internet by George Cruikshank were discovered by a newspaper journalist.


The name 'A1' stems from the original territory claimed by A1 and where the Pprit Revolution took place. As A1 originated from a classroom 'joke' towards the end of 2007, the original name for the nation was simply 'A1', coming from the name of the classroom ('A1'). However, following the Revolution, the decision was taken to add 'Most Glorious People's Republic of' to the beginning of 'A1', by the order of Chairman Pprit, and this was carried over into the new Federated Republics in 2010.