Federal Republic of Tergizistan

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Federal Republic of Tergizistan
Flag of Tergizistan.pngCoA Tergizistan.png

Viva la Nazione

Capital cityTrieste
Largest cityTrieste
Official language(s)Dialect of Trieste
Official religion(s)Catholicism
Short nameTergizistan
GovernmentDecentralized and Parliamentary Republic
- PresidentIl Dittatore di YouTube Italia
LegislatureJudges Camera, Senate and Camera of 100
- Type - three cameras
Established21 February, 2018
Time zone+1:00
National sportBocce
National animalPigeon

The Federal Republic of Tergizistan also known as Tergizistan was a Decentralized and parliamentary republic. It's a Virtual micronation. It is founded on 21 February 2018 by Il Dittatore di Youtube Italia, an italian youtuber from Trieste, and a fan of flags. Federal Republic of Tergizistan becames in 4 March 2018 a member of the Federation of Italian Micronations, a Micronations Federation founded two days ago by Sorvaino and TheXanada96, respectively the presidents of Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano and MYCUS Republic. On first times the only recognized political party is the People's Democratic Party. Federal Republic of Tergizistan hasn't got an official army, but sea defence are assicured by italian navy and territorial defence was assicured by slovenian army. That micronation was failed and the president becames citizen of Micro Kingdom of Italy