Federal Republic of Harmonia

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Federal Republic of Harmonia
Republik Bersekutu Harmonia
Рэпублик Бăpcaкуту Хьармония
ريڤوبليك برسكوتو هرمونيا


"Bersatu Teguh Bercerai Roboh" (Malay)
"United We Stand,Divided We Fall"`
Anthem of Harmonia
Johor and , Malaysia
Capital city Istiqlal
Official language(s) Malay (recognised Chinese, Tamil, Kelantanese)
Official religion(s) Islam
Short name Harmonia
Demonym Harmonian
Government Federal islamic republic presidential republic
- President Muhd.Imran Ihtisyam
Legislature Dewan Negara Harmonia
- Type - unicameral
- Number of seats - 6
- Last election - 9 September 2014
Established 10 October 2014
Area claimed 1.02 km²
Population around 100-150
Currency w:Malaysian Ringgit
Time zone UTC+8
National animal red eagle

Federal Republic of Harmonia (Malay: Republik Bersekutu Harmonia), also known by its short name of Harmonia, is a political simulation entity known as micronation that located in Malaysian state of Johor.

Harmonia is a federal islamic republic consisting of 6 districts. Harmonia was a member of Micronational Association of Southeast Asia and Union of Islamic Micronations.

Harmonia is gifted by rich cultural diversity and is active in intermicronational world, especially in Southeast Asian micronational community.


Harmonia derives from the Malay word 'Harmoni which means Harmony. It is also a name of the predecessor of Harmonia, "Taman Desa Harmoni" which literally means a harmonious village / residence.


Since its establishment as a republic in 2010, Harmonia had experienced many historical milestones. The first democratic presidential election was held in 9 September 2014.

Creating a nation

In 2014, Muhd. Imran Ihtisyam called for a plan to create a sovereign state. On 9 October 2014, the declaration of independence from Malaysia was declared by Imran himself in front of the main square, attended by his family members, friends and several citizens.

An election in September 2014,on month before independence, to elect a president was took place and resulting on Muhd. Imran Ihtisyam victory. His inauguration was took place in his home state of Istiqlal in 1 September,.A referendum was took place in March 2015, turning Harmonia to its current federal form.

Government and Politics

Harmonia is a federal, islamic republic presidential republic governed under a constitution. President serve as both head of state and head of government. President also act as the head of the religion and the citizens of Harmonia.The founder of Harmonia, Muhd. Imran Ihtisyam is the current president

Harmonia has 2 main political parties such as Harmonia Hope PartyIslamic Party of Harmonia and also independent.

Foreign relations

Harmonia excecuting a free and active policy on its foreign affairs, means that Harmonia shall be active in all intermicronational activities, and its exisence should not to be threatened by another nation.

The first nation Harmonia conducting diplomacy with was State of Bascal in September 2014. made Bascal the first nation to recognizing Harmonia as a sovereign state. Later, on February 2015, the dissolved Gitania signed an alliance treaty.

Harmonia is currently a member of Micronational Association of Southeast Asia and Union of Islamic Micronations since February 2015.


Entire Harmonian territories are landlocked. On average, all Harmonian territories is approximately 3.5 kilometres from the nearest coast. Indokistan has a wet and dry season and its tropical climate makes the average temperature in Indokistan is about 25.5°C (77.9°F) to 27.8°C (82°F). Due to its small size, the whole Harmonia are urbanized.

Geographical map of Harmonia

Administrative divisions

Harmonia should be divided by districts on its first-level, then the state is divided by cities. The constitution also arranges the rights and obligations the administrative divisions have and should follow, including rights to establish state symbols and preserve regional culture, and obligations to pay annual taxes to the government.

Name Capital
Harmoni.png   Harmoni  Bandar Harmoni
Istiqlal.png   Istiqlal  Bandaraya Istiqlal
Pandan.png   Pandan   Pandan
Plentong.png   Plentong  Plentong Tengah
Redang.png   Redang  Ponderosa
Rumah 10.png  Rumah 10  Tasek
Saujana.png   Saujana  Permata


Most parts of Harmonia is run by concrete drainage systems. In Pandan, there is a lake called "Tasik Pandan".


Bascal's native fauna mainly consists of insects, feline and few species. The most widely distributed species are cats, cockroaches and ants, which can be found throughout Harmonia. Various species of snakes can be found on northern parts of Bascal at Hutan Sembelih, Jalan Rumput, Pagar Karat and Limpah Budu, Padang Hijau. Few species of spiders, grasshoppers, centipedes, snails and frogs were once common in Harmonia, now extinct due to urbanisation.crow and red eagle and was the only bird native to Bascal.


Harmonia is generally hot and humid throughout the year, the average temperature was around 25.5-27.8°C. Harmonia receives an average rainfall around 2000 mm. The climate in Harmonia was same as Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Climate data for Federal Republic of Harmonia
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 31.0
Average low °C (°F) 21.9
Average Rainfall mm (inches) 162.6
Average rainy days (≥ 1.0 mm)</span> 11 9 13 15 15 12 13 13 13 16 17 15 162
Source: w:World Meteorological Organisation


see Harmonia Defence Force

HDFhad 10 personnels and the current General is Muhd Imram Ihtisyam. It's headquarters was located besides the Istiqlal. HDF has a very small active personnel but well equipped with weapons and vehicles.                


  1. Nerf guns
  2. Stones

Main Vehicles                                                

  1. Bicycles


Bascal had a population of around 100-150. Harmonia is ethnically homogeneous, the Malays made up the majority of the country.

-Nationality : Harmonian

-Urban population : 100%

-Ethnic groups : Malays, some have Chinese and Tamil

-Population :around 100-150

-Literacy rate : 100%


Majority of the population belonged to Shafi'i branch of Sunni Islam. With few influences from Sufism.


Constitution of Harmonia mentions that the economic democracy and workplace democracy united under market socialism are the basis of Harmonian economic activities.

Harmonia currently have Malaysian Ringgit as currency.

Government-owned (federal or state government) enterprises dominating im the republic, alongside the private one, which the government allow. Currently, Harmonian government monopolized the media sector with its Radio Televisyen Harmonia, banking sector with its National Bank of Harmonia, and natural resource sector - private ownership of natural resources are banned according to the constitution. Private companies are allowed to establish in Harmonia, they are the subject of government guidelines and rules, which they must follow.


Harmonian culture influenced mainly from Malay and Islamic culture, which majority of Harmonian citizens originates from. Influences from European and Arabic sources also exist and enriched the cultural aspects of Harmonia.

Harmonian symbols recognised by constitution consists of flag, coat of arms and national anthem. Other cultural aspects associated with Harmonian customs has been recognised as national symbols, such as capital city of Istiqlal, official language of Malay.

Media freedom in Harmonia are guaranteed by the government, as the constitution also guarantees freedom of speech. Indokistan has one state-owned information service company named Radio Television Harmonia which will made the process of informing news and reports from Harmonia to outside world easier. Harian Harmonia opublished worldwide in online format, Televisyen Harmonia taking role as the television channel in Indokistan, and Radio Harmonia as the radio service in the state. Accessiblity to internet and cellphone usage reaches number of 100% in Harmonia.

Important Days

All national holidays of Harmonia are same as those of Malaysia (especially Johor) except for Harmonia Independence day.

  •  Independence Day 10 October
  •  Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Eid ul-Fitr)
  •  Hari Raya Aidil-Adha (Eid ul-Adha)
  •  First Day of Ramadan
  •  Nuzul Al-Quran
  •  Awal Muharram
  •  Prophet Muhammad's p.b.u.h Birthday
  •  Sultan Johor's Birthday 23 March
  •  Christmas 25 December
  •  Deepavali
  •  Wesak Day 24 May
  •  Chinese New Year
  •  Workers day 1 May

 *Bold are the national days only in Harmonia.


Education is overseen by the Minister of Education. Primary education in Harmonia is same as those of Malaysia. It begins at the age of 7 till the age of 12 while Secondary education starts at 13 till 17 or 18 (5 or 6 years). In Harmonia, there are only 2 preschools and an informal Islamic Education.


Malay is the official languages of Harmonia. Other languages include English,Chinese, Tamil, Kelantanese and Arabic. All of them are recognised as "regional language". Malay Cyrillic, Jawi and Latin are co-official in Harmonia.


In Harmonia, the most well known sports activities are association football. It is considered to be the national sport. Association football and badminton however, remains strong mostly among males. Harmonia has it's own national sports committee.



Transportation system in Harmonia was very small but well developed. Bascal had only one type of transportation system ground transportation and water transportation didn't exist because Harmonia is landlocked. All transportation was held under the ministry of transportation. Harmonia drives on the left, just like Malaysia. Harmonia is a landlocked country and does not have ports and harbours.

  • Highways : 1.1km

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