Førvanian Broadcasting Corporation

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The Førvanian Broadcasting Corporation is the chief proponent of all visual media in the Empire of Førvania.

List of productions


Series Season Episode # Name Release date Production team Notes
You Wouldn't Download a Mole July 23, 2015 Alec, 2nd Prime Minister of Førvania (producer, director, animator) An extremely basic animation made by the then Prime Minister Alec, using the program Explain Everything.
The Paperclip of Power 1 1 Into the War Zone August 15, 2015 Emperor Nicholai I of Førvania (producer, director, cameraman, voices) The animation was discovered, on September 26, to have an issue with the audio that caused it to remove the last few seconds of it for each scene.


Name Release date Production team
A look at Førvania March 29, 2015 Emperor Nicholai I (cameraman, narration)
Førvanian National Anthem April 7, 2015 Emperor Nicholai I (cameraman, narration)
Stuart, Official Speedcuber of Førvania May 14, 2015 Emperor Nicholai I (cameraman, narration)
Prince Stuart, Official Speedcuber
Emperor Nicholai I Coronation August 16, 2015 Emperor Nicholai I
Crown Prince Nicholas