Eternal Captain of the Tower City State

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SCTBandiera.png Eternal Captain of the Tower City State SCTBandiera.png
Capitano Eterno della Città della Torre
Coat of Arms of the Tower City State

Formation 22 October 2016

Kind of title Honorific head of State

Incumbent Eternal Captain Pasquale I

The Eternal Captain is the honorific (and de jure) head of state (Monarch) of the Tower City State.
The Eternal Captains, as how is evident, is just an honorary title, and de facto are the State Captains to have the executive, legislative and judicial powers, that, in their names, are transferred to and exercised by other officers. Justice is administered, in their names, by the judiciary system, with judges that they establish. The executive power is delegated by the State Captains to the Governorship of the Tower City State, while the Light Blue Commission of the Tower City State exercises the legislative power in behalf of the State Captains.

Royal styles

Reference style: His Royal Highness the Eternal Captain (EN) | Sua Altezza Reale il Capitano Eterno (IT)
Spoken style: Eternal Captain (EN) | Capitano Eterno (IT)

List of Eternal Captains

  • Pasquale I, Eternal Captain of the Tower City State, 22 October 2016 -


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