Azzurrian crown

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Azzurrian Crown
Italian: Corona Azzurriana
ISO 4217
PluralCrowns (Italian: Corone)
NicknameCrown (Italian: Corona)
Banknotes1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 Crowns
User(s)Most Serene Empire of AzzurriaMost Serene Empire of Azzurria
Central bankAdministration of the Patrimony of the Most Serene Empire of Azzurria
PrinterAzzurrian Polygraphic Institute
Pegged withEuro (1:1)

The Azzurrian Crown (Italian: Corona Azzurriana) is the currency of the Most Serene Empire of Azzurria, since 15 Novembre 2016.
It has not any sort of subunit, and it is based entirely on banknotes.
The Azzurrian Crown is unilaterally pegged 1:1 to Euro.


The Azzurrian Crown has been created, and adopted as national currency, on 15 November 2015, replacing the Italian Lira, that was the previos national currency since the creation of the Micronation.


2016 series

The first, and actual, series of the Azzurrian Crown banknotes is titled "Nature & Food"; the banknotes were designed and printed by the Azzurrian state-owned company Azzurrian Polygraphic Institute.

"Nature & Food" Series
Image Value Dimensions
Main Colour Design
Obverse Reverse Observe Reverse
1 Crown (observe) 1 Crown (reverse) 1 Crown 15 x 7,5 Gold National Coat of Arm Lotus flower, maple leaf, pine tree, rose
5 Crowns (observe) 5 Crowns (reverse) 5 Crowns 15 x 7,5 Grey National Coat of Arm Bread, pie, pizza, spaghetti
10 Crowns (observe) 10 Crowns (reverse) 10 Crowns 15 x 7,5 Red National Coat of Arm Mediterranean mussel, common octopus, shrimp, swordfish
20 Crowns (observe) 20 Crowns (reverse) 20 Crowns 15 x 7,5 Violet National Coat of Arm Cat, chicken, dog, tortoise
50 Crowns (observe) 50 Crowns (reverse) 50 Crowns 15 x 7,5 Green National Coat of Arm Apple, grape, lemon, pear
100 Crowns (observe) 100 Crowns (reverse) 100 Crowns 15 x 7,5 Light Blue National Coat of Arm Goose, heron, house sparrow, seagull

Commemorative banknotes

Commemorative banknotes
Image Value Dimensions
Main Colour Design
Obverse Reverse Observe Reverse
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