Eric I of Elsanor

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His Majesty
Eric I
King of Elsanor
In office
May 13, 2016 – Present
ChancellorLord Pierce
Chancellor of Elsanor
In office
3 August 2012 – 13 May 2016
Appointed byNational Congress
Preceded byLord Wangner
Succeeded byLord Pierce
Grand Duke of Elsanor
In office
10 June 2005 – 3 October 2010
Preceded byNone
Succeeded byRepublic Established
Baron of Pelican Island
In office
6 January 1998 – Present
Preceded byJames I
Personal details
BornJanuary 6, 1989 (1989-01-06) (age 35)
Military service
AllegianceUnited States of America
Branch/serviceUS Army
Elsanoran Royal Navy
Royal Elsanor Defense Force
Years of serviceUS Army: 2007–13
ERN: 2005-2010
REDF: 2016- Present
RankMarshal of Elsanor

Eric I (born 6 January 1989) is the King of Elsanor, and Baron of Pelican Island. He is the grandson of Bruce “the Fierce” and nephew of James I, whom he succeeded as Baron of Pelican Island upon the latter's abdication for health reasons.

Early life

Eric was the only living male relative of his uncle James I, and was announced as his heir apparent in 1997. he regularly visited Pelican Island as a child, accompanying his uncle and grandfather on many of their expeditions. On January 6, 1998, James I abdicated due to his failing health, investing Eric as Baron of Pelican Island at the age of 9.

Military Service

Grand Duchy of Elsanor

After the unification of the baronies in June 2005, Eric I established the military of the Grand Duchy of Elsanor in order to combat the threat of the Army of the International Leftist Advance. In July 2005, the 35' sailing sloop "HMES Katie Marie" was commissioned as the first vessel in the newly founded Elsanoran Royal Navy. Eric was the first citizen of Elsanor to graduate from the Molossian Naval Academy in July 2005, and assumed the rank of Commodore in the ERN.

With the expansion of the Elsanoran Royal Navy by 2 additional light water craft in 2006, Eric assigned Lord Owen, the Baron of Sand Island to command the eastern flotilla, securing the defense of the home islands. Taking the western flotilla with HMES Katie Marie as his flagship, Eric successfully captured and annexed Petit Bois Island and the eastern half of Horn Island, demonstrating Elsanor's naval dominance of the Central Gulf Coast.

In 2007, Eric established the William Bartram Naval Academy in order to provide citizens and allies the opportunity to develop traditional sailing, celestial navigation and seamanship skills. Reorganizing the ERN into 2 expanded squadrons alongside a training academy and an amphibious infantry detachment, he oversaw the professionalization of Elsanor's military and developed a long lasting tradition of national pride and military excellence.

In 2010, he was awarded the title "Marshal of Elsanor" for his role in defeating Steven "the Mad" at the Battle of West Ship Island.


After a popular referendum requesting the restoration of the traditional constitutional monarchy was submitted to the National Congress on May 13, 2016, the Republic of Elsanor was dissolved as a political entity and the monarchy was restored. Due to the increased landmass and influence of Elsanor over the previous 10 years, it was decided to elevate the title of the sovereign from Grand Duke to King with Eric invested as the first King of Elsanor, restoring the House of Whitney-Ball to the throne.


  • Knight's Cross of the Order of Bruce the Fierce "For valorous service in combat while leading Elsanor's forces in Afghanistan" 2016
  • Order of St. Isidore "For constant and peerless advancement of the Nation, People and Culture of Elsanor" 2016
  • Order of the Banner of Elsanor "For 20 years of dedicated, selfless service to the Nation" 2017
  • Knight of the Order of St. Barnabus Dominion of British West Florida 2006
  • Order of the Tiger Grand Duchy of Westarctica 2008

Eric I of Elsanor
Born: 6 January 1989
Royal titles
Preceded by
Office Established
King of Elsanor
Regnal titles
Preceded by
James I
Baron of Pelican Island
Succeeded by