Pelican Island

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Pelican Island, formerly the Barony of Pelican Island, is a former Province of Elsanor and the ancestral home of the House of Whitney-Ball.

Composed of 5 acres of territory and no permanent population, Pelican Island has served as the seat of the House of Whitney-Ball, the capital of the Barony of Pelican Island and the first capital of the Grand Duchy of Elsanor. A unique aspect of Pelican Island is its consistent shift northward towards the US mainland, a result of hurricane induced erosion.

The official foundation date of the Barony of Pelican Island is 8 May 1971, the date when the island was claimed by Bruce “the Fierce” and the House of Whitney-Ball established. It was declared the sovereign Barony of Pelican Island by James I in December 1992, and incorporated as a province of the Grand Duchy of Elsanor on June 10, 2005. On May 1, 2016, the Barony of Pelican Island was ceded to the United States of America in care of the Sand Island Lighthouse Association, and remains a protectorate of the Kingdom of Elsanor.