Steven "the Mad"

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Steven “the Mad”

Steven Chin

Marquis of Sablon, Regent of Elsanor
Regent of Elsanor
In office:
29 September 2010- 19 October 2010
Predecessor Grand Duke Eric I
Successor Chancellor Wagner
1st Minister of Finance of Elsanor
In office:
1 January 2006-29 Sept 2010
Predecessor None
Successor Lord Aubrey
Personal information
Born 1990
Religion Odinist

Steven Chin (born 1990) was the Regent of Elsanor for 29 days in 2010. Known widely as Steven “the Mad”, he implemented radical policies as Regent of Elsanor that led to the destabilization of the Grand Duchy of Elsanor in October 2010. Prior to his tenure as Regent, Steven served as Elsanor’s 1st Minister of Finance.


The failed coup was a turning point in Elsanor’s history, as the Odinist cause was comprehensively defeated. In the coup's aftermath, the Odinist faction lost influence and was effectively decapitated. More than 12 Odinists were banished from Elsanor. Steven was court-martialed, stripped of all titles and honors and sentenced to life in exile.


  • Regent of Elsanor (29 September 2010 – 19 October 2010)
  • Marquis of Sablon (10 December 2005- 1 October 2010)
  • Minister of Finance (1 January 2006 – 29 September 2010)