House of Whitney-Ball

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House of Whitney-Ball
Country Elsanor, England, Scotland
Titles *
Founder Bruce “the Fierce”
Current head Eric I
Founding year 1971
Grand Duchy of Elsanor:
October Revolution 2010

The House of Whitney-Ball is a North American royal house of English origin. Its branches rule or have ruled in England, Scotland, Elsanor and Pelican Island. The current King of Elsanor belongs to this house. It rose to prominence when Eric I of Pelican Island was elected Grand Duke of Elsanor in 2005 and King of Elsanor in 2016. The house occupied the Elsanoran throne until the kingdom's dissolution on July 1, 2018.


The House of Whitney-Ball is a noble family and royal dynasty of Barons, Earls, Grand Dukes and Kings of Elsanor, England, and Scotland. It originated in 918 AD when the Norse King Ragnald gave land in County Durham to two of his leading men called Scula and Olaf Ball. Scula was given land in south Durham at Billingham and land near School Aycliffe, to which he gave his name. Olaf Ball received land along the Durham coast between the Eden Burn and the River Wear.

The family uses the motto Coelum Qui Tueri meaning: "Heaven to those who dare". The Family coat of arms, first adopted in the 1400s, has as many as seven variations. The lion rampant holding the globe is common to all. Three stars appear on the shield rather than star fish. The moto, Coelum Qui Tueri, appears on all. It is sometimes translated as "Behold the Hevens" rather than "Heaven to those who dare." The helmet indicates knighthood in the lineage. The fancy scroll wark represents the tattered remnants of a crusader's cloak which implies that there were crusaders in the family. The shield is silver with a black chief or upper portion having three starfish. Shaded portions of the scroll work and other similarly shaded areas may be either red or black. The head of the house since 2011 is Eric I.

Main line

  • Kings of Elsanor (2016–2018)
  • Grand Dukes of Elsanor (2005–2010)
  • Earls of Traquair (1861–2018)
  • Barons of Pelican Island (1971–2018)