Empire of the Kingdom of the Shark

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Empire of the Kingdom of the Shark
Imperia se Tiburakshia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Honor de aquae novae"
OMG Save the Shark

National emblem
A map of the Empire of the Kingdom of the Shark

Map of Sharkia
Largest cityCapital
Official languagesEnglish, Sharkish
Omgism (13%), Christianity (80%), Atheism (6%), Other/Unknown (1%)
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King :
Alfredo I
• Speaker :
• Heir Presumptive :
El Dorito
LegislatureImperial Court of Emperor Alfredo I
Privy Council of Sharkia
Royal Cabinet of King Alfredo I
• Total
0.124069 km2 (0.047903 sq mi)
• (as of Oct 2022) census
Time zoneSST (GMT+0)
Driving sideleft
Internet TLD.kots

The Empire of the Kingdom of the Shark, more commonly known as the Kingdom of the Shark, or Sharkia, claims to be a sovereign state but is most often defined as a micronation. It is located in England, United Kingdom. It was established on 14 August 2021 at a bowling alley by five founders, one of which was exiled and never officially mentioned again. The four remaining founders are known as El Dorito, El Tortilla, El Taco and El Nacho. The first presidential election was held that day and El Dorito was elected as the Honourable President. The largest royal province is the Royal Provintial Territory, at 3,141m², however it has a permanent population of 0 and the Sharkish government has no control over it. The Capital Territory is the province that the capital city, Neptonia, is located in, and has a size of 186m² and a permanent population of 6.

The Sharkish head of state is the King, Alfredo I, also known as Alfredo El Tortilla-Walker. The Royal Cabinet of King Alfredo I is led by the Speaker of the Royal Cabinet, and is made up of a number of ministers who control their aspect of the country, propose changes to Sharkish Royal Law based on both the interest of their region's population, and vote on changes to Sharkish Royal Law. The Royal Cabinet is also the main legislative body of the Kingdom of the Shark, and is bicameral.

The Kingdom of the Shark is currently not involved in diplomatic relations following a period of inactivity.


The name Kingdom of the Shark was chosen because the founders were creating a kingdom, based on a Lego great white shark, so they called the country the Kingdom of the Shark.


Early Kingdom

The Kingdom of the Shark was established by the five people, El Dorito, El Tortilla, El Taco, El Nacho, and one other, on 14 August 2021, at a bowling alley in England. It was created after El Tortilla jokingly suggested that they should make a country based on El Dorito's Lego great white shark. The original five founders sat around a table in the restaurant in the bowling alley and the held the first national election, the 2021 Sharkish Presidential Election. El Dorito won by a landslide victory and was declared the Honourable President of the Royal Cabinet. Later that day, the unnamed original founder was exiled from the country for an unknown reason, leaving the Four Founders. Over the next few days, the Sharkish government began designing a flag, emblem, passport, and currency; the Sharktooth.

The Great Conquest

When the country was first created, it only had control over the Four Founders' bedrooms. Throughout the first week however, the Sharkish military, armed with Nerf blasters, invaded the surrounding areas. It was a quick and seamless invasion in most areas. After taking over this new land, the government began setting up the four royal provinces and naming their new land; Neptonia, Sharkby, Sharkingham and Sharkbury (which was later removed).


First Great Monkey War

On 6 November 2021, El Taco told the then Vice President El Tortilla that the Penguins had declared war on the Kingdom of the Shark, siding with the Union of Soviet Primate Republics and turning the Monkey War into the First Great Monkey War. Agency MI (Marine Intelligence) had already told the Sharkish government that El Taco was Prime Minister Penguin, so the declaration of war was surprising.

El Taco and El Tortilla formed a secret alliance, with a plan for the Penguin soldiers to betray the USPR, by shooting them in the back.

At 3PM on 15 November 2022, the First Great Monkey War ended. The Fifteenth Hour of the Fifteenth Day of November is known as the Sharkish Remembrance Day, when a two minute silence is held in memory of the wars that Sharkia has fought in.

Peace in Our Time (15 November 2021-2 August 2022)

On 13 November 2021, the city of Watersus was incorporated into the Kingdom of the Shark. On 20 November, the Kingdom of the Shark and Penguin Union started an alliance, the Kingdom of Sharkguin. On 26 November, Watersus was granted independence as the Republic of Dolphinia and joined the Kingdom of Sharkguin, turning it into Dolphsharkguin, or the DSP Alliance. The next few months were mostly uneventful, until the week beginning 20 February, when the troublesome 2022 Presidential Election period began. On roughly 25 February, candidates El Dorito and El Tortilla held a debate, chaired by Prime Minister Penguin, which ended in current president El Dorito exchanging threats of war with the leader of the Penguin Union. The Sharkish Television Weekly News on Sunday covered this story, however it is only available to Sharkish citizens. Then, the election was delayed by a week, then forgotten about, and then confirmed to happen in the first week of May. The situation with constantly delaying the election has meant that the Kingdom of the Shark made official election dates, 14 August, 14 December and 14 April each year from May 2022 onwards. At some point in January 2022, El Nacho was removed for inactivity and his city, Sharkbury, ceded back to the United Kingdom.

On 3 May 2022, the Penguin Union officially reincorporated Sharkingham into the Kingdom of the Shark. This was marked by a short ceremony in which El Tortilla, Dorito and Taco marched into Sharkingham while doing the Sharkish salute and singing the national anthem, OMG Save the Shark.

On 1 October 2022 the Empire of the Kingdom of the Shark officially named this period the “Peace in Our Time” Era, named after the quote by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.


In July 2022, El Churro joined the Kingdom of the Shark, and the City of the Coral was incorporated.

Second Great Monkey War

On 2 August 2022, Sharkia officially declared the Second Great Monkey War, after the U.S.P.R had been reformed and secret documents had been uncovered by the AMI (Agency of Marine Intelligence) detailing a monkey war plan against Sharkia. The first battle was fought between 3–10 August and resulted in a decisive Monkey victory. On 14 August the final battle was fought. It was a lengthy struggle, almost resulting in the death of both former President El Dorito and Vice President El Tortilla. During the battle, President El Dorito reportedly committed 'a later disproven crime against the Empire'. Despite this, the Kingdom of the Shark won and proptley killed the Monkey Premier.

August 2022 Election

The 14 August 2022 was also the date of the 2022 Presidential Election after 6 months of delays. It was between Vice President Alfredo El Tortilla and new citizen El Churro. It ended in a landslide victory for El Churro, who was swiftly inaugurated. Before the election, all involved made an oath to exile El Dorito as a result of events during the battle. The people involved were El Churro, his future vice president (and opponent) El Tortilla, and candidate El Tortilla's vice president El Taco. While voting was taking place, El Tortilla was thinking of refusing to exile El Dorito if he won, which he didn't anyway. El Dorito was then exiled. He and El Tortilla made an agreement to form the Kingdom of the Dino if El Dorito wasn't allowed re-entry, however this did not happen. El Taco, Dorito and Tortilla then agreed to remove El Churro as president, then abolish the title of president from the country entirely.

Less than a week later, due to more events regarding El Churro, he was exiled for one year for treason and the City of the Coral was ceded to the UK, however it is currently unknown whether these decision has been reversed.

The Second Great Conquest

In August 2022, the city of Neptonia was relocated to another site nearby to the old Neptonia. Between August and September, the Kingdom of the Shark made an official claim to the Imperial Territory of Watershire, effective immediately. The Provintial Territory was then rennamed Whales.

Alfredian Era

Statement No. 2 - AIR-002 - Declaration of the 2022 Anglo-Sharkish War

On 19 September 2022, the Privy Council of Sharkia voted for Alfredo El Tortilla to be proclaimed King Alfredo I.[1]

At night, on the 24 September 2022, reports of a British gang war came from Reeds, Watershire, which is near the capital Neptonia. These reports led to a vote in the Royal Cabinet of war against the United Kingdom. This vote was seen as controversial by El Taco, leading to a lengthy debate. This also caused MRC El Churro to retract his citizenship of the Kingdom of the Shark. The vote was In Favour 2-1 Reject when President Dolphin, the final member to vote since El Churro's resignation, voted in favour. At 5:06 PM on 25 September 2022, the Empire of the Kingdom of the Shark officially declared war on the United Kingdom. The war, despite never seeing conflict, was officially ended on 25 November 2023. However, it caused a major split in the nation and led to the collapse of Sharkish control over Sharkingham and the Wet Midlands.

A temporary respite in this collapse was found in December 2022, however the end of that short period effectively meant the end of the nation as a whole. On 27 January 2023, the nation announced their withdrawal from the BalCasMed Alliance, brought an end to the Sharkish "Golden Era" of foreign relations and pretty much the nation as a whole.


In November 2023 the final advocates of the Kingdom of the Shark, El Tortilla and El Dorito made an agreement to attempt to bring the nation back in secret.

Politics and government

The Kingdom of the Shark is a Unitary Semi-constitutional monarchy with a king as head of state with some legislative power and a Royal Cabinet who run the country by voting on laws.

Political Parties

There is one political party in Sharkia, the United Royalist Party, however anyone can create their own if they wish.

Royal Cabinet

The Royal Cabinet, officially the Royal Cabinet of King Shark Walker V is the Kingdom of the Shark's equivelant to a Parliament. However, it is considered by some to be a flawed system. It currently has no elected officials (since the Abolition of the Presidency). There has to be at least one minister from each royal province. When a minister proposes an Act of Cabinet, or bill, it is voted on by the Royal Cabinet. If it is accepted, it becomes Sharkish Royal Law. There is currently no Speaker of the Royal Cabinet since former speaker El Tortilla's accession to the throne, however votes are monthly (on the Omgist calendar). Votes are held every two months on the Omgist calendar in each of the Royal Provinces to decide who their representative should be. These representatives, once they are voted in, choose a speaker.

Members of the Royal Cabinet of King Alfredo I
Name Province Party Since
King Alfredo I, Emperor of the Sharkish Empire County Sharkby United Royalist Party 14 August 2021
Prince El Dorito ASN, Duke of Neptonia Royal Capital Territory United Royalist Party 14 August 2021
El Taco MRC, Duke of the Wet Midlands Wet Midlands United Royalist Party 3 May 2022
Dolphin España MRC, President of Dolphinia None (DSP Representative) Independent 19 September 2022
Prince Le Tortilla-Walker MRC, Duke of Whales Whales Independent 1 October 2022


The Kingdom of the Shark has a Ministry of Finance, led by King Alfredo I, a Ministry of Defence led by no-one, the Sharkish Royal Interior Ministry currently has no minister, the Ministry of Culture and Arts, led by Duke El Taco and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also led by Alfredo El Tortilla-Walker. There is also Sharkomail, the country's postal service, led by Head Postman El Tortilla and Sharkish Television led by no-one, but run by El Tortilla.

Honourable President

Honourable President was the title given to the elected president during their term, when their term ends they are referred to as the former president. The official title given to a corrupt president is Dishonourable President, however this has never been used. The Honourable President was the leader of the Royal Cabinet, as well as its only elected official. They had one of the final says on what becomes law, with either them or their vice president needing to ratify a bill as well as the king. Following events of August 2022, this title has been completely abolished. The full title was the Honourable President of the Royal Cabinet of King Shark Walker V.

King of Sharkia

Before September 2022 this role was purely imagination. However, following a vote in the Royal Cabinet, the title was made real. Another vote then followed, this time in the Privy Council of Sharkia, deciding whether El Dorito or Alfredo El Tortilla should be the King. President Dolphin made his vote with a random name wheel, which chose El Tortilla. Therefore on 19 September 2022, or the 6 of Nocember 0 AO (Omgist Calendar), Alfredo El Tortilla was proclaimed King Alfredo I, Emperor of the Sharkish Empire.


The Kingdom of the Shark is located in Northern England, near to the Irish Sea. It is made up of two royal provinces, each with a city and potentially a Royal Country Park (R.C.P). The Sharkish Empire is comprised of the Royal Provinces and two Imperial Territories, each comprised of a Territorial Town and a national park.

Royal Provinces

The two royal provinces are Greater Neptonia and County Sharkby.

Greater Neptonia

Greater Neptonia is the province that the capital city Neptonia is located in. It is the only province so far to move location. It has a population of 7. It is located in the South.

Wet Midlands

The Wet Midlands were home to Sharkingham, with a population of 4. It was also home to the Sharkish History Museum and was once part of the Penguin Union. It was located in the Sharkish Midlands. It is no longer claimed by the Kingdom of the Shark.

County Sharkby

County Sharkby has a population of 4 and contains the city of Sharkby and Sharkby Plains R.C.P. It is located in the Far North region. Located in the city are the Sharkby Museum, FMD Set Γ (Gamma), the Royal Bank of King Shark, in the National Services Headquarters.

Imperial Territories

Whales / Provintial Territory

Whales (sometimes referred to as Blue Whales to prevent confusion with Wales, UK), formerly known as the Provintial Territory contains the Territorial Town of Sharkdiff and the Ditch District National Park. Also located there is FMD Set β (Beta).


Watershire is the newest territory claimed by the Empire. Though not yet incorporated as a de jure Imperial Territory, it is classified by most as a de facto imperial territory. It contains the Flat District National Park, the Territorial Town of Reeds and FMD Set α (Alpha).


The Sharkish military is divided into two branches, the Sharkish Armed Forces and the Sharkish Royal Navy. The Sharkish Armed Forces has 2 active duty soldiers and 1 in reserve. The Royal Navy has no specific soldiers and so Armed Forces members typically operate the country's one naval vessel.

Sharkish Armed Forces

The Sharkish Armed Forces has a total of four soldiers, three active one reserve, and uses a variety of Nerf and water blasters as weaponry. For transportation, the armed forces primarily use road vehicles, however sometimes use bicycles.

Sharkish Royal Navy

The Sharkish Royal Navy is operated primarily by one captain, with a supporting sailor in reserve. The Royal Navy operates one vessel, the KSS Neptonia, a remote controlled model of a British lifeboat, however it has not been operated in many years so it is unknown whether it is still in working condition.

Geography and climate

Road map of the Empire of the Kingdom of the Shark.

The Kingdom of the Shark is located in the United Kingdom. The Royal Territory is completely flat, along with areas of the Royal Provinces. There are no permanent bodies of water or rivers in the Kingdom of the Shark. There is a small forest in the centre of Whales. It is generally cold in winter and autumn, with the temperature increasing in spring and it is usually faily warm in summer. There have been multiple heatwaves in the past few years, however this is a trend in the whole British Isles.

Climate data for Kingdom of the Shark
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 7
Daily mean °C (°F) 5
Average low °C (°F) 3
Average Rainfall mm (inches) 59.3
Average rainy days 11.8 8.6 9.2 7.8 8.4 8.1 8.4 9.4 9.6 12.0 11.8 12.2 117.3
Average snowy days 0.3 0.3 0.1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.1 0.3 1.1
[citation needed]



5 Sharktooth banknote.
Front of the 5 note.

Sharkia accepts two currencies for trade, the British Pound, and the Sharktooth. 1 is equivelant to £0.50. 1 is divided into 5ct (chipteeth), each worth 10p and 2ht (halftooth, 2½ct), each woth 25p. The currency may be decimalized in the future. Coins and banknotes come in 1ct, 2ct, 1ht (halftooth/2½ct), 1, 2 coins and 10, 20, 50 and 100 banknotes. The value is tied to the British Pound so if it decreases in value, the Sharktooth decreases in value.

To prevent hyper-inflation, there is a hard limit on the amount of Sharkteeth available. A banknote/coin can only be printed/minted if the equivelant amount of GBP is secured in the Royal Bank of King Shark vault.


The country imports most of its products from the United Kingdom, however various attempts have been made to create some level of self-sufficiency in the country, for example production of weapons, growing of certain produce etc., but to little to no avail. The country is expected to suffer from an economic crisis soon, as much of the economy is reliant on the UK, which is in a recession. However, as of 11 September 2022, Sharkia has been a part of the BCM Alliance, which could boost the economy.

Culture and media


The most followed religion in Sharkia is Christianity, however the state religion is Omgism. Omgism was founded on 13 March 2022 (Gregorian) or 1 Omgember 0 AO (Omgist). The god of Omgism is Omg At Thram, the head of the faith is King Alfredo I and the most prominent leader is the Arkbispaksh se Neptuvilaksh El Dorito (Archbishop of Neptonia). The patron saint of Sharkia is St. Memeulous of Omgism, the messiah of Omgism.


The official language in the Kingdom of the Shark is English, although various attempts to make a Sharkish language have been made, almost all of them have devolved into an arguement between two of the four founders. As of September 2022, a national effort has begun to create the Sharkish Language.


Sharkish cuisine is based mainly on British cuisine. The national food is Walkers crisps, however one of the country's biggest questions is which flavour, ready salted or cheese and onion. The national beverage is Yorkshire Tea Gold.


News in the Kingdom of the Shark comes from two sources: the official government website has a news section, and Sharkish Television runs the Weekly News on Sunday, the country's main source of news, however it is only available to Sharkish citizens. Sharkish Television also began Los Burrito Political Show, however it only ran for one episode after it was discovered that the presenter, Los Burrito, showed bias towards candidate Alfredo El Tortilla during the show's 2022 Presidential Election coverage. The country's largest company is FMD Studios, an international film/television studio that is the parent company of Marble and has a contract with the Sharkish government to promote Sharkish culture and produce television shows for SharkishTelevision.

Foreign Relations


The Kingdom of the Shark has no official relations to any macronation. It recognises all UN recognised macronations, with the addition of the Republic of China, Palestine and Kosovo. It is not recognised by any macronation


Sharkia de facto recognises all micronations that are not fascist or communist dictatorships, and de jure recognises the following micronations;

All except the Republic of Dolphinia are recognised as part of the BalCasMed Alliance, an alliance of micronations with access to European Seas.

On 18 September 2022, Sharkia ratified the Treaty of Latveria, the BalCasMed Alliance's defence treaty.[2] This was due to deteriorating relations between the Empire of Germania and the Kingdom of Latveria over the disputed Ernst Thälmann Island.