BalCasMed Alliance

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BalCasMed Alliance
Named afterBaltic, Mediterranean and Caspian Seas
Founded2 September 2022
TypeEconomic and military alliance
Legal statusActive
HeadquartersUnitas (Ailsa Craig)
8 (5 full members, 1 observers, 0 extended members)
Official languages

The BalCasMed Alliance often abbreviated to the BCM Alliance, or even BCMA, was an economical and military alliance for nations that have access to European Seas. It was headquartered in Unitas on the Scottish island of Ailsa Craig, and was founded on 2 September 2022 by the Republic of Dostykstan, Imperium Artharium and the Kingdom of New Konigsberg, but soon expanded to have 5 full members, one observers and no extended members.

Although being originally just an economic alliance, it was decided at the second General Assembly that it should also serve as a military alliance just before the Latveria-Germania controversy which led to the alliance’s defence agreement, the Treaty of Latveria, being hastily written to protect Latveria from a potential Germanian invasion and to insure that if any member state was to be attacked, the entire alliance would have to join the war on their side.


The BalCasMed Alliance got its name from the 3 founding nations of the Republic of Dostykstan, the Kingdom of New Konigsberg, and Imperium Artharium. The "Bal" part of the name "BalCasMed Alliance" stands for the Baltic Sea which represents the Kingdom of New Konigsberg because they have access to the Baltic Sea. The "Cas" part of the name "BalCasMed Alliance" stands for the Caspian Sea which represents the Republic of Dostykstan because they have access to the Caspian Sea. The "Med" part of the name "BalCasMed Alliance" stands for the Mediterranean Sea which represents the Imperium Artharium because they have access to the Mediterranean Sea.

Unitas, the BalCasMed Alliance’s capital

Founding of the Alliance

Original Founding

The BalCasMed Alliance was thought up by the Republic of Dostykstan and was planned to be founded by the Republic of Dostykstan, the Kingdom of New Konigsberg, and the Republic of Turkopolis. These original plans were destroyed when Turkopolis's President, Nurlan Abilov, attempted to dissolve their nation on the 27th of August 2022. This prevented allow the Republic of Dostykstan and the Kingdom of New Konigsberg from starting the BalCasMed Alliance, this left the Republic of Dostykstan and the Kingdom of New Konigsberg looking for another micrοnation that has access to a European Sea. Eventually the Republic of Dostykstan reached out to Imperium Artharium and asked if they wanted to help found the BalCasMed Alliance, they accepted and the 3 nations founded the BalCasMed Alliance.

New Konigsberg - Dostykstan Alliance

New Konigsberg and Dostykstan have had an allyship since the 21st of August 2022, shortly before the foundation of the BalCasMed Alliance; On that day, the President of NK (Pax Schapira), who takes charge of external affairs and diplomacies, contacted Daniel Gomez, the president of Dostykstan. Together they signed the treaty of Dostyk City, marking their allyship both economically and militarily. A few days after, New Konigsberg founded the Glockiswiffle League along with Oxfordshire and Katzburg, which Dostykstan would also join. This group would not have the same extent of union towards eachother as the later BalCasMed Alliance would, since all it supposed was free trade and passport-less travel. On the 25th of August 2022, Gomez contacted Schapira stating he was starting a new alliance and requesting for Schapira join. He agreed and the alliance started there. The alliance on a hiatus while looking for members until the 2nd of September, 2022, when the leader of Imperium Artharium joined the alliance and they further more decided to name it "BalCasMed Alliance".

Latveria-Germania Tensions

In September 2022, the Kingdom of Latveria’s MicroWiki page was made, and the Empire of Germania learned of their claims to Erst Thälmann Island, claimed to be the last remaining piece of East Germany. Both Latveria and Germania claimed the island, and on 10 September 2022, the Kaiser of Germania claimed that the nation may resort to war. The next day, he tried to convince the President of Uvrokar to support Germania against Latveria. On 12 September, the Kaiser of Germania made a list of demands for the Kingdom of Latveria, they are as follows:

  1. The Kingdom of Latveria will relinquish all claims over Ernst Thälmann Island
  2. The Kingdom of Latveria will recognize The Empire of Germania's claim over Ernst Thälmann Island
  3. Any Latverian assets on Ernst Thälmann Island are to be removed immediately
  4. The Kingdom of Latveria will not engage in any war against The Empire of Germania
  5. The Kingdom of Latveria will not set up diplomatic relations with an nation claiming Ernst Thälmann Island, except for Germania
  6. The Kingdom of Latveria will not ever lay claim to Ernst Thälmann Island again
  7. The Kingdom of Latveria will not aid any adversaries of Germania
  8. The Kingdom of Latveria will not accept aid from any nations claiming Ernst Thälmann Island, except for Germania
  9. The Kingdom of Latveria will not accept aid from any adversaries of Germania
  10. The Empire of Germania will be allowed to veto any decisions made by The Kingdom of Latveria

The reactions to the demands were mostly negative. There was never any official reply from Latveria, but the BalCasMed Alliance held a General Assembly on 17 September 2022, and decided to become both an economic and a military alliance. The next day, whilst deciding on a treaty for the alliance, word spread of the tensions between Germania and Latveria, and the section of the treaty to protect members against invasions from other nations was suggested as a separate treaty. That same day, all member states signed the Treaty of Latveria, the BalCasMed Alliance’s official agreement to protect each other in the event of a war, all pledging to assist Latveria in the event of a war breaking out with Germania. The alliance also began working on the Treaty of the Sea, the official terms of the alliance of which the Treaty of Latveria was originally supposed to be on.

Withdrawal of Imperium Artharium

On 19 September 2022, in a surprise announcement, Imperium Artharium announced their intention to withdraw from the BalCasMed Alliance, releasing the following statement: On 19 September 2022, in a surprise announcement, Imperium Artharium announced their intention to withdraw from the BalCasMed Alliance.

Title says it all, I've decided that I'm done with this community as its too toxic. First, Desslok gets his life ruined for bs, and the 'victim' gets away with collaboration with Almendria and the Desslok drama somehow got our minds off the fact that Tizian is 25x worse than Desslok, that is, if Desslok is bad in any way. Secondly, MicroWiki staff are hypocritical af, banning me from their Discord server for doing something but warning someone else who does the same (i.e. I get a worse punishment than someone else who does the same thing just cause they're well known in the Micronational community). And last but not least, the fact that Almendria and Zeprana (or whatever their name is) are working together and no one cares that they plotted to kill Desslok (another micronationalist) and his family (who have nothing to do with micronationalism) and then cannibalizing Desslok (yeah, I said WTF too when I heard it). This does not even include the fact that Terry (Leader of Zeprana) claimed he had 'trucks and men' to carry out fucked up shit. Instead of immediately jumping on the bandwagon to hate someone, why not get their side of the story first?

Yeah, basically all of this caused me to lose faith in the micronationalist community. I'm leaving this toxic community and changing Artharia into a personal project rather than a micronation (or at least a private micronation). If you want change to this community, the real issues are Tizianist Almendria and Terry's Zeprana and to change shit, you need to completely cut them off from the community. I wish my former allies great luck in their next ventures.

Kind regards, edmccool30, Former Emperor of Artharia'


Shortly after Imperium Artharium left the alliance, Latveria was accused by multiple members of vandalising the alliance’s wiki page, however it was not known at that point if it was just because they hadn’t been editing for a long time or if it was a deliberate attack. On 23 September 2022, Dostykstan, New Konigsberg and Sprinske held a meeting to discuss Latveria’s actions. They agreed to bring up the case of Latveria at the general assembly the next day and see what the member states thought of the situation. On 24 September 2022, the General Assembly was held, and the first topic of the meeting was Latveria. During that meeting, the member states agreed to hold a court case on Latveria’s actions and what to do about them, with the court case initially scheduled for a few hours after the assembly, but due to some issues with some members important to the trial being unable to attend at that time, it was rescheduled for 10AM UK time the next day.

This was the first court case held in the alliance’s court, the Court of the Sea, and therefore became known as COTS-1, the court is in the Republic of Aweland which runs the judicial branch of the alliance. When the court case began, 3 members presented evidence against the Kingdom of Latveria, the Sprinske Empire showed the results of its investigation into Latveria, and also linked it to the page vandalism that happened just after it was first created. The report concluded that Latveria knowingly vandalised both the BalCasMed Alliance’s page and the Republic of Aweland’s page. Aweland then presented some evidence of Latveria’s vandalism of the Republic of Aweland’s page by changing statistics, renaming Aweland to ‘Uwuland’ and changing multiple words. Dostykstan then showed evidence of the BalCasMed Alliance’s page, like Latveria adding a country that doesn’t exist and breaking links by misspelling names.

After evidence was provided, the court then held a vote on whether Latveria was guilty or not of vandalism, and the court reached a unanimous decision that Latveria was guilty, and were then expelled from the alliance.

Bog Soma War

On 28 September 2022, a user representing the United Provinces of Bog Soma was banned from the Republic of Aweland’s Discord community for spamming. This user then made a declaration of war against the Republic of Aweland, which was not taken seriously. A few days later, both sides signed a peace treaty promising to end hostilities and prevent all-out war. On 5 October 2022, Aweland withdrew from the treaty after the user representing the United Provinces of Bog Soma began to spam again in the Republic of Aweland's Discord community, violating the treaty. This then resulted in a war between the Republic of Aweland and the United Provinces of Bog Soma. As the United Provinces of Bog Soma were the aggressor, it triggered Article 5 of the Treaty of the Sea, so all BalCasMed Alliance member states declared war on the United Provinces of Bog Soma. The Discord server for the BCMA was then raided by the United Provinces of Bog Soma, soon followed by raids on both the Republic of Aweland, the Empire of the Kingdom of the Shark, and the Republic of Dostykstan’s Discord communities. This resulted in updated security measures on some member states’ servers, provided by the Willow Cizdeizd I, the Head of State of the Republic of Aweland.

The United Provinces of Bog Soma continued it's attempts at causing distruption to the BalCasMed Alliance, through the creation of the Som River Rebellion and the Tristan Republic. These were bodies created by the United Provinces of Bog Soma to infultrate the BalCasMed Alliance. Both attempts were unsuccessful.

With the security upgrades making distruption near-to impossible for the United Provinces of Bog Soma, the MicroWiki pages for the Republic of Aweland and the Empire of the Kingdom of the Shark were vandalised, but soon reverted to their original states.

Kolniaric War and Dostykstan Tensions

On 5 November 2022, a micronational terrorist organisation operating in the Republic of Dostykstan known as the MVPs attempted to blow up a deodorant canister in a tennis court where multiple people, including the President and First Person were at the time. The leader of the MVPs ruptured the canister, causing the people inside the tennis court to flee. One member of the MVPs grabbed the canister and threw it at the crowd, hitting the First Person in the shoulder. The President attempted to get his phone out to record the incident, but an MVP member leaving the tennis court along with the crowd threw the punctured deodorant canister at him, and so the President made the decision to run out of the area.

Following the 5/11 "Terror" attack on the 5th of November, an armed citizen named Tristan attempted to conduct a coup. Many believe that Tristan was using the chaos following the 5/11 "Terror" attack to attempt to assassinate President DRG without much noticing. Although the chaos was still there at the time of the attempted coup, multiple people including the President noticed Tristan's weapon which was poorly concealed. Once President DRG saw the weapon he fled and Tristan quickly pursued. As President DRG fled, the leader of the "MVPs", Oliver, went after him to assist him. Oliver helped scout out areas to prevent President DRG from getting assassinated but eventually President DRG was cornered by Tristan. Before Tristan fired, President DRG made an offer to allow him to create a nation and break away from the Republic of Dostykstan. Tristan accepted, resulting in the Treaty of the Clubhouse, which split Dostykstan in half, with one half becoming the Kingdom of Super Shrek.

The Union of the Free became an observer of the BCMA on 6 November 2022 at a time when the Kolniari Sector was stable and relations with the Sprinske Empire were good, but their relations would decline in the aftermath of the Seitnamic War on 11 November, with disputes over territories and other issues. After the Sprinske Davàrage voted to ban Stewartism, tensions escalated and the Union of the Free’s President stated that it may lead to war. The issues increased even more when the Catanese Republic’s President accused President Zachary Stewart of the Union of the Free of racism. Minutes later, Emperor Aaron I was informed by his intelligence agency of a ‘large congregation’ of the Union’s government in the Sprinske city of Gorbachevgrad. He walked over to the window to see what was going on, but had to leave the area after the Prime Minister of Seitnam began shouting, blowing his cover. The tensions between the two nations created a heated argument in the BalCasMed Alliance’s server.

Dissolution of the BCMA

The treaty of Latveria which was hastily written and signed by members of the BalCasMed Alliance.


Treaty of Latveria

The Treaty of Latveria was hastily written up by the Republic of Dostykstan after the leader of the Empire of Germania, u/KaiserHohenzollernV, replied to a comment regarding war over a dispute on a post a member state made on the subreddit r/micronations. u/KaiserHohenzollernV made a comment on a post the KIngdom of Latveria where they said "Edit: you still claim Ernst Thälmann island? It is a possession of Germania". under that comment another user named u/TylerVonRebik, left a comment stating "Sounds like war to me.", u/KaiserHohenzollernV replied to this comment stating "Germania may have to resort to that". This has caused diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Latveria and the Empire of Germania to deteriorate which concerned the BalCasMed Alliance.

Treaty of the Sea

The Treaty of the Sea is the official agreement between members of the BalCasMed Alliance and sets up rules that every member state must follow including the protection of human rights, mutual recognition and the revised defence agreement to replace the Treaty of Latveria and offer a more detailed look into the alliance’s defence agreement. It was written by Willow Cizdeizd I of the Republic of Aweland with input from the rest of the alliance, and was signed on 1 October 2022 at the General Assembly taking place that day by the member states that attended.


The BalCasMed Alliance currently has 6 "Member States" which are split into 3 different Membership Statuses.

Membership Statuses

The BalCasMed Alliance has 3 different Membership Statuses that make up the BalCasMed Alliance. These Membership Statuses are: Members, Extended Members, and Observers.


The BalCasMed Alliance currently has 5 Members. Members are often located in Europe, and nations are required to have access to European Seas to become Members.

Extended Members

The BalCasMed Alliance currently has no Extended Members. Unlike Members, Extended Members don't have access to European seas but only European Oceans such as the Atlantic. Extended Members have the same benefits from the Treaty of the Sea as Members, but they only hold half the power as Members do in voting.


The BalCasMed Alliance currently has 1 state with Observer status, which is the Kingdom of Cadoria. Like Members, nations must have access to European Seas to become Observers. Unlike Members and Extended Members, Observers do not gain any benefits from the Treaty of the Sea. Along with this, Observers only have half the power as Members do in voting and can only vote in designated votes.

Former members

Flag Country Membership Status Date Joined Date Left
Imperium Artharium Ex-Member 2 September 2022 19 September 2022
Kingdom of Latveria Ex-Member 10 September 2022 25 September 2022
Republic of the Golden Hill Ex-Member 26 September 2022 5 October 2022
Empire of Garránia Ex-Member 24 September 2022 6 October 2022
Kingdom of New Konigsberg Ex-Member 2 September 2022 21 October 2022
Union of the Free Ex-Member 6 November 2022 7 December 2022
Republic of Aweland Ex-Member 11 September 2022 16 December 2022
Sprinske Empire Ex-Member 5 September 2022 16 January 2023
Old Hokoria Ex-Member 1 January 2023 26 January 2023
Empire of the Kingdom of the Shark Ex-Member 11 September 2022 27 January 2023
United Kingdoms of Derovia Ex-Member 9 October 2022 28 January 2023
Sprinske Republic Ex-Member 16 January 2023 6 February 2023
Republic of Dostykstan Ex-Member 2 September 2022 7 February 2023
Kingdom of Cadoria Ex-Observer 5 September 2022 7 January 2023
Kingdom of Ranzania Ex-Member 23 November 2022 7 February 2023
Federal Union of Democratic Soviet Socialist Republics Ex-Member 1 January 2023 7 February 2023


The BalCasMed Alliance agreed during their second General Assembly to create various branches of the alliance ran by different members depending on that member’s expertise. As of now, the only branch in full operation is the judicial branch which is led by the Republic of Aweland, although more branches are planned to be added in the near future, including an economic branch which would also help to introduce the BalCasMed Hydro (Ψ) as an optional currency in the nations. Some of the nations, such as Dostykstan, Sprinske and Sharkia have decided to have a dual-currency system where they would keep their own currencies and use the Hydro alongside them, in some cases as a backup currency.

Court of the Sea

The Court of the Sea is the alliance’s judicial branch that deals with court cases which are related to alliance matters, such as COTS-1 which was the court’s first case and was about Latveria’s position within the alliance. This branch is led by the Republic of Aweland and is the first branch in operation due to it being needed early on to decide whether Latveria would remain within the alliance or not.


Micropol is the proposed joint-police force of the BCM Alliance that will be used to insure that all nations abide by the alliance terms and that the human rights are protected. This police force will also work with the individual police forces of the nations to solve crimes and link similar crimes within member states, first proposed by the Empire of the Kingdom of the Shark, it is planned to go into effect in the near future.

Prime Member

The Prime Member is a rotating position within the alliance that only full member states can have, it serves as the nation in charge of the alliance for a month-long term, which is renewable as long as other administrations have had a chance before re-election. The Prime Member is in charge of the general running of the alliance, they are elected by full and extended member states, with the most votes becoming the Prime Member and the runner up being the Vice Prime Member, this position was created by the Treaty of the Sea as part of the term focusing on the structure of the alliance. As of November 2022, the United Kingdoms of Derovia is the Prime Member and the Republic of Dostykstan is the Vice Prime Member.