Alfredo I of Sharkia

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Alfredo I
King of Sharkia
Reign19 September 2022 - Present
Full nameAlfredo El Tortilla-Walker
Born19 November 2008
PredecessorKing Shark Walker V
Prince El Dorito ASN
Royal HouseTortilla-Walker
Royal mottoTobey Maguire for Life
MotherHRH The Queen Mother La Tortilla
Religious beliefsOmgism

Alfredo I (Alfredo El Tortilla-Walker) is the current King of Sharkia, Emperor of the Sharkish Empire and Duke of Sharkby. He was born on 19 November 2008 (Gregorian) or 6 Decembruary year 14 BO (Omgist). He ascended to the Sharkish throne on 19 September 2022 after the Privy Council of Sharkia voted him in with a three fifths majority. Notably the deciding vote was made by President Dolphin of Dolphinia using a random name wheel, which chose Alfredo El Tortilla.

The title King of Sharkia does not grant many constitutional powers, due to Sharkia's status as a constitutional monarchy, although the title Emperor of the Sharkish Empire does grant powers but only over imperial holdings.


Alfredo El Tortilla-Walker was born on 19 November 2008 in near Liverpool, England. Before the 14 August 2021, he had heard of micronations but had never created one. This changed on that date, the birthday of former president El Dorito, when he, El Dorito, El Nacho, El Taco and one other, who was later exiled, officially formed the Kingdom of the Shark during a break between to games of laser quest.

Vice President (14 August 2021-14 August 2022)

After the creation of the Kingdom of the Shark, the five citizens at the time elected El Dorito as the president. Shortly afterwards he assigned Alfredo El Tortilla as his vice president, and the minister of finance. On 16 August the Series One Sharktooth Banknoted were released and 10 were delivered by Sharkomail to El Dorito, as well as a passport and national ID card. The Series One banknoted were designed to have each of the four founders on one side, the denomination of their banknote decided by the size of their bedroom in ascending order, until 100, which had the president on it, and King Shark on the other side, again until 100 which had Gargamel on it. He did many things for Sharkia as vice president, due to his status as being the only member of the government to have a laptop, a status he still has but will soon change.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Economy (14 August 2022-19 September 2022)

Due to a controversy during the Second Great Monkey War regarding El Dorito, he was exiled by the newly elected president El Churro. Later that day, El Tortilla, Dorito and Taco all agreed to stage a coup, removing El Churro from power and abolishing the roles of president and vice president. Due to the abolition of those roles, El Tortilla almost lost his job, but ministerial roles were kept, so he became the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Economy. In terms of the economy, he didn't do much, apart from beginning to design the Series Two Banknotes, expected to be released in October 2022, but on the foreign affairs aspect of his new job, he did a lot. He entered the Empire of the Kingdom of the Shark into the BalCasMed Alliance, opening up diplomatic relations with six other member states.

King of Sharkia (19 September 2022-present)

On 19 September 2022, he was elected King of Sharkia by the Privy Council of Sharkia. The voted were 3 to El Tortilla, 1 to El Dorito and 1 absent. One of the votes was chosen by a random name wheel. Alfredo I's heir presumptive is HRH Prince El Dorito ASN, Duke of Neptonia. His accession created House Tortilla-Walker of the Walker Dynasty.