Empire of Matyár

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Empire of Matyár
Vlag Matyár.png
Rijkswapem Matyár.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Tibi sapientiam, vos can adepto ingenii!
Anthem: [1]
Bella Ciao
CapitalNo capital
Largest cityNo largest city
Official languagesDutch, Matyáres, English
• Emperor
Mátyás III
• Governor General
Bastian Jürgens
• Census
Time zone(UTC±0 to +1)
Is still being worked on

Matyár, officially the Empire of Matyár, is a territorial micronation with territory in the Netherlands. Matyár was founded on 1 March 2019 by the founding member and current emperor Mátyás III.

The Birth and Expansions of Matyár (2019-present)

Matyár was founded on 1 March by current emperor Matyás III. In the first period of Matyás made clear: "I will not only fulfill the function of emperor, but also Governor General". In the months that followed he made sure that he was recognized in consultation with countries such as the Netherlands and San marino. From April 20 the trade routes are open economically and politically including Hungary, Germany and the Netherlands.

Treathy of Waghäusel

In June there was a surprising turn in the micronation management system. In the week of 3 June, there was a consultation between Emperor Mátyás I and the person who was mainly responsible for the trade between Matyár and Germany, Bastian Jürgens. On 7 June the Waghäusel Treaty was finally signed in the town of Waghäusel. It is described here that Mátyás I passes on his function as Governor General to the German Bastian Jürgens. According to Mátyás I, it is a good example of sharing ownership and full trust in your trading partner. The treaty is valid for one year and will expire at the beginning of June 2020 or must be signed by both parties.

Hungarian Fields

Bastian Jürgens went to a little village in Hungary named Bátaszék. There he met with some people of the village in a nice small restaurant. They discussed with to do with a unclaimed region of ground. Emperor Mátyás III knew that there were unclaimed grounds in Hungary so he sended Bastian to a meeting to maybe claim land. The negotiations started in September 23.

On October 24 it became clear that Bastian Jürgens had succeeded in claiming tracts of land. Because of this more than history-worthy event, the Empire of Matyár now has plots of land in the Netherlands and Hungary. In fact, the empire now extends over 1000 kilometers.


Matyár is a micronation and thus falls under the rule of the Netherlands. Within the micronation there is an absolute monarchy (empire) that is not hereditary. What the absolute power already indicates is that the Emperor determines everything within the micronation with the help of his ministers.. The Emperor does not mean to render responsibility to the ministers.

Article 1

Matyár has his own laws and rules. The most important rule of the micronation is Article 1 (translated from Dutch): Criticism that can be detrimental to the emperor's authority in a political, religious, life-critical area or any other ground is not permitted. Breaking this rule will conclude a ban for life.


The main language spoken is Dutch. Many texts are also written in Dutch although there are also texts written in the Matyáres. The alphabet of Matyáres is a bit more integrated than the Dutch alphabet and therefore will not often be applicable within the micronation. Unofficially also English and German languages with which communication can take place.


Because the micronation is an absolute monarchy, religion is determined by the Emperor. Emperor J. Mátyás I has determined that you may be a religious person, but that you will not be allowed to perform a function. There is also a restriction in the freedom of faith. People can not be an extremist of any kind of belief because that rumbles rational thinking.


  • January 1  : Nieuwjaar (New Year)
  • March 3  : Carnaval
  • August 4  : Dag van de Keizer (Day of the Emperor)
  • October 4  : Dierendag (animal day)
  • December 25 : Eerste Kerstdag (First Christmas Day)
  • December 26 : Tweede Kerstdag (Boxing Day)

Informal Recognition