Delphia-United Republics relations

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United RepublicsDelphia relations
Map indicating locations of United Republics of Michigan and Delphia

United Republics


Delphia-United Republics relations Are foreign relations between United Republics of Michigan and the Federal States of Delphia Both Nations officially recognize each other


The first treaty between the two Nations was signed by President Callies and President Bell on May 5, 2020 it was the Treaty of Notadess.,[1] The nation's he came much closer in Foreign Relations after the Delphian Ocean States War This is because Delphia was at war with The URM Longest-standing rival The two Nations Would also become allies during the Kapresh Civil War

Country Comparison

Common name Delphia United Republics
Official name Federal States of Delphia United Republics of Michigan
Emblem/Seal FSDCOA.png United Republics of Michigan Coat of Arms 4.png
Flag Delphia.png URMFlag.svg
Area N/A (9.73 Acres)
Population 17 20
Density N/A (1,119.5/sq mi)
Capital Dunpin Farmington
Government Federal Democratic Republic Full Presidential Federal Republic
First leader Elijah Jones (Emperor)

Johan L. Pavon (President)

Evan Callies
Current leader Javier Martinez Evan Callies
Established January 16, 2017 (Empire proclaimed)

April 26, 2020 (Federal States )

28 October 2019
Most common language English English
Currency US dollar CH Dollar


  1. Callies, Evan (5 May 2020), "Treaty of Notadess" (Letter), Letter to Evan Callies, retrieved September 6, 2021