Dave Lehman

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Dave Lehman
Lehman in 2012
Leader of United St.Charlie
Assumed office
1 May, 2014
Mayor of Caprica
In office
20 July, 2012 - 6 January, 2014
Governor Alex Specter
Flavio Beninati
Predecessor Andrea Rao
Successor Dain Reevahn
Member of the Atlantis Assembly
Assumed office
20 July, 2012
Personal information
Born 11 December
Naples, Italy
Citizenship St Charlian
Nationality Italian
Political party United St.Charlie
Residence City of Caprica
Religion Chatolic

Dave Lehman (born 11 December) is an Atlean politician currently serving as Mayor of Poseidon of the National Party of St.Charlie. He is also a Member of the Atlantis Assembly.

Lehman was a member and founder of the Atlantis National Party since October 2011, after that his party merged with the Atlantis Conservative Party of Flavio Beninati and now he's the General Secretary. In January 2011 he was nominated Minister of Economy, Finance and Treasury in the second Eastwood Administration, after trying to be Mayor of Poseidon, where he lost the elections against Andrea Rao.

Following the Atlantis General Elections of 2011 he was elected MP and Prime Minister of Atlantis.

Prime Minister

Lehman during May 2012

Lehman was nominated Prime Minister the 6 June 2011. Between his firsts actions he tried to improve the relations with St. Charlie, but Nicolò Alvisi slowed very much the work, since their change of government, when Lehman was in electoral campaign.

Leader of the Liberal Party

The 16 March 2012, after the return of Lehman in Atlantis, after the dissolution of the Athena City State, created the Liberal Party, right-wing party. At the start Lehman tried to start an alliance with the Conservative Party and with Daniel Graystone, but the Conservatives didn't agree with his too extreme-right political view. Anyway, since in the micronational community Lehman was better known that Graystone, the Conservatives tried to collaborate with the Liberal Party, that in late April 2012 had more preferences then the Conservative Party. For the 4th Referendum on the change of political system, the Liberal Party was the only party with an official position on the matter, supporting the Presidential system.


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Preceded by: Prime Minister of Atlantis Succeded by:
Alexander Eastwood 6 June 2011 - 6 January 2012 Sante Carbone