Daily Micronational Tower (Edenopolis)

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Daily Micronational Tower
Building in the Edenopolitical flag.png Free City-State of Edenopolis
Daily Micronational Tower from the front
First built
6th November, 2016
Building information
LocationFlag of los papangeles.png Los Papangeles
Flag of new kronsborg.png New Kronsborg
Edenopolitical flag.png Free City-State of Edenopolis
Built byHoratio Eden
Owned byDaily Micronational
Opened6th November, 2016
Technical information
Floor count5
Floor area1102.6cm2

The Daily Micronational Tower is a tower located in Los Papangeles, New Kronsborg, in the Free City-State of Edenopolis. It was constructed by King of Edenopolis, Horatio Eden, on the 6th of November, 2016. At just 21 cm tall, the building is the second shortest in all of the nation, with the exception of the Embassies on Embassy Row.

The Daily Micronational Tower is one of two buildings that have this name; the second is the headquarters of the company, the Daily Micronational Tower in the Realms of Valdsland. Both buildings are owned by the same company, the Daily Micronational news group. The Daily Micronational Tower in Edenopolis is the local branch of the corporation.

The Tower is built next door to the headquarters of the Edenic Royal Police Department.



The inside of the building, photographed from above. The building is presently empty and undergoing refurbishment.

The building itself is made primarily out of lined paper, as well as small pins to fasten the walls in place. The inside of the building is currently empty as refurbishment procedures are undertaken.

The building was constructed to solve two problems: first, to give the Daily Micronational company a branch in Edenopolis, where its editor-in-chief, Horatio Eden, is monarch; and second, to increase the number of buildings in the City-State.

The Tower took around fifteen minutes to construct and was made of two sheets of A4 paper fastened to each other with pins. Refurbishment of the building is still underway. Given the lack of danger of the construction process to outside persons, however, the building has been safely opened to the public.