Council of Neds

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Council of Neds
Emblem of the Council of Nedlandic Elders.png
Imperial Administrator of NedlandNed Gunderson
Members11 (max. 50)
Speaker voting systemAppointed by Ned Gunderson

The Council of Neds is the local legislature of the Autonomous Region of Nedland in Paravia. It is mainly a body which proposes bills and sends them through a complex chain of tiers to the Speaker, who then decides whether the bill is important enough to send to Imperial Administrator Ned Gunderson.

The Council is planned to have up to 50 members. All representatives have equal power except for tsars, which have no power at all.

All representatives besides tsars are allowed to propose bills, which will be filtered through the sultans immediately after proposal. A bill cannot be vetoed by anyone when it is proposed, unless there is a emergency reason to do so. In that case, Gunderson or the Speaker will intervene.

Gunderson's plan for the Council is to have ideological diversity. Though the majority of the Council will be made up of anywhere from centre leftists to socialists, Gunderson plans to give seats to various conservative views, and also plans to give the centre-right and social conservatives several more seats than their other conservative counterparts. Gunderson plans to have two to three each to micronationalists who identify as nationalists and to Leninists as well.

For the most extreme views such as fascism and Far Right libertarianism, Gunderson will limit one seat per ideology. He has strictly banned any National Socialists, anarchists, female supremacists ("Feminazis"), violent ethnic nationalists (i.e. the wish to forcefully assimilate all other cultures to theirs, essentially exterminating them), Quiverfull supporters/masculine dominists, and Stalinists from having seats in the Council.

There is a planned 15-man Security Council, which is composed of Gunderson's most trusted associates. So far, there is only one member of the Security Council - Sir Gabriel N. Pelger was its first addition, and later became the Speaker. The Security Council negotiates all bills before passing them, and once they pass it, they and the representatives will vote on the bill.


The original idea for the Council was thought up by Gunderson and Grant Hawkins. However Hawkins and his accomplice Eren Lewis were secretly plotting to take over Nedland a third time. However, Gunderson was ready, and when they attempted it, they officially had no power in government as stated specifically before by Gunderson during beginning talks, and both were ousted and banned. Then, planning with Michael Onff of Gremmia and Thomas Merrell of Zenrax, they created the former ultra-complex structure. Then, it was made simpler.

Representatives and Security Council Members


Name Stance Coalition Appointed 'Notes
Gabriel N. Pelger Socialism Left 21 September 2015 Appointed by Ned Gunderson.

Security Council

Name Stance Coalition Appointed
Gabriel N. Pelger Socialism Left 19 September 2015
Radia Crann Social liberalism Left 19 September 2015
Shady Morsi Nationalism Right 19 September 2015
Mike Lewis Free Fascism (Not like fascism) Centre 19 September 2015
Michael Ònff Social conservatism Left 19 September 2015
Karl Friedrich Centre-right Centre 21 September 2015


Name Stance Coalition Appointed
Sophia Albina Socialist Left 19 September 2015