Commonwealth of Benacia

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The Commonwealth of Benacia was an international organization operating between April and July 2001 and including Shireroth, Machiavellia, and Hyperborea.

The leadership of the Commonwealth rotated among the leaders of its component nations once per month. Edward Conway served a term as chair, as did Tony Au as Shireroth's representative. The Commonwealth permitted and encouraged dual-citizenship among its members in order to build ties, and ended up with its three member countries almost completely linked in terms of citizenship bodies.

The Commonwealth's greatest foreign success stories were the destruction of Paramount and the embargo of Jasonia, which offended it by dragging it into the Second Paramount War against its wishes. Both nations were destroyed in part due to the Commonwealth's actions.

In July 2001, the Commonwealth chose to merge completely, becoming the Hegemony of Alexandros under Jason Rhode of Machiavellia.