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Paramount was an anarchist/socialist commune and micronation founded in the year 2000. It was based on the period of socialist prosperity prior to the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s. Originally founded by John Sager after learning that Audentes played a role in the collapse of AFTP/GAPR/Temoe, its primary goal was to be a nuisance and threaten Audentior. "James Bond" was another citizen of note, who at the time was a double agent, being in charge of Audentior's Military while being loyal to Paramount. Despite this asset, Paramount did not do much beyond faking an ability to damage Audentior, even failing to utilize its moderator position in the Audentior Military Forum. Thus, it was not long before its citizens lost interest.

Paramount was later re-founded after John Sager resecured its land from an unknown micronation, perhaps the People's Republic of Hell or Antartica. Teaming up with the notorious Thomas Hubert and a couple of Hubert's possibly fake friends, Paramount tried to establish itself as a legitimate "renegade" nation. It was refounded on January 25, 2003. The nation had sophisticated forums and propaganda (though the latter was derived from 1930's Spanish posters). Regardless, the nation lacked substance, and it soon became inactive once more.

The original "Principles and Guidelines of Paramount" are now missing (the February 2, 2003 version is available on the Wayback Machine). Founder John Sager is unaware what happened to Paramount since its slow second demise. The second founding of Paramount was covered in this issue of the "Communal Voice", authored by Thomas Cutterham. The original Paramount website is now defunct, and its forums are nowhere to be found.