Hegemony of Alexandros

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The Hegemony of Alexandros was the merger of Shireroth, Hyperborea, Machiavellia , and later Tapfer, united around the theme of Alexander the Great.


The roots of Alexandros lie in the Commonwealth of Benacia, an organization combining foreign, citizenship, and economic policies in Shireroth, Machiavellia, and Hyperborea over the summer of 2001. When Jason Rhode became Prince of Machiavellia, he suggested that the Benacian countries unite, which had always been a long-term goal of the Commonwealth. Although the original plan was a loose union called the United Empire Confederation proposed by Erik Mortis of Shireroth, Rhode managed to convince everyone (Except Erik, but he went along anyways) to theme it around Alexander the Great instead, having an interest in old Macedonian history. He promoted this by claiming to himself be the direct descendent of Alexander the Great and therefore a claimant to his empire, which turned out to be false.


The government of Alexandros was divided among four top officials, with names primarily lifted from the "Ender's Game" series: a Hegemon, Polemarch,[Strategos, and Archon. The Hegemon was on top, the Polemarch managed internal affairs, the Strategos managed the military, and the Archon managed the website. During the Hegemony's short history, Jason Rhode served as Hegemon, Tony Au as Polemarch, Erik Mortis as Strategos, and Scott Alexander as Archon.

Events in Alexandrian History

  • The Color Rebellion. Alexandros existed in the Shireroth forum, and emphasized its new theme by changing to whites and blues and replacing most images with a Macedonian theme. The Shirerithian subdivision of Yardistan, enraged, rebelled against the state. Eventually it received a few compromises, but the incident is mostly important as a lesson in Yardistani stubbornness.
  • The Later Hubert Wars. Thomas Hubert, general micronational terrorist, returned and founded the country of Rulak. Alexandros was among a number of countries who, coordinated by the League of Micronations, helped destroy Rulak and root him out.
  • The Annexation of Tapfer. Bill Dusch reluctantly offered the former Jasonian territory of Tapfer to Alexandros as a new province. It was accepted, but Dusch was involved in many later conflicts with the Tymarian government that left bad blood between them.


Alexandros ended its existence as an independent country when it merged into Tymaria along with four others. Alexandros continued to be the name of the region in Tymaria encompassing Shireroth, Hyperborea, Machiavellia, and Tapfer as provinces, but after the fall of the United Republic, it became customary to refer to the grouping as Benacia again.

Alexandros gave Tymaria its Secretary to the Constitutional Convention (Scott Alexander) and two of its three Primes (Jason Rhode and Tony Au). It was also responsible for countering the strong Atteran influence of the country in many cases.