Commandant of the Civil Air Patrol (Albia)

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Commandant of the Civil Air Patrol
Board of the Civil Air Patrol
TypeMilitary Leader
Member ofCivil Air Patrol
Reports toBoard of the CAP
NominatorMinistry of Defence
AppointerMonarchy of Albia
Term lengthAt His Majesty's Pleasure
Formation13 June 2022
DeputyDeputy Commandant of the CAP

The Commandant of the Civil Air Patrol is the professional head of the Civil Air Patrol and the chair of the Board of the CAP.


The role of Commandant was established with the CAP on 13 June 2022 by Luke I of Albia. It is the oldest office within the organisation and one of the oldest military positions within the Kingdom of Albia.


The Commandant is nominated by the Ministry of Defence and appointed by the Monarch of Albia, with the monarch typically appointing whoever is nominated.

The nominee is usually a senior officer in the CAP, ranking at Air Vice Marshal or above. They preferably where engaged in the Cadet Program before becoming a senior member of the CAP. They have achieved a number of years meritorious service to the CAP.


The role of the Commandant includes:

  • Chairing the Board of the CAP
  • Launching Recruitment Drives
  • Working with the Chief of the Air Staff
  • Working with the Air Force Board
  • Aiding the Air Force Board
  • Creating Training Programs and Initiatives
  • Working with other Senior Commanders

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