Royal Albian Air Force

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Royal Albian Air Force
Ensign of the RAAF
Founded13 June 2022
Country Kingdom of Albia
AllegianceLuke I of Albia
TypeAir Force
RoleAerial Warfare
Part ofArmed Forces of Albia
Commander-in-ChiefLuke I of Albia
Chief of the Air StaffVacant

The Royal Albian Air Force, commonly known as the RAAF, is a branch of the Armed Forces of Albia. It is the Kingdom of Albia's air and space force. It was founded on 13 June 2022.

The RAAF's mission is to support the objectives of the Albian Ministry of Defence, which are to "provide the capabilities needed to ensure the security and defence of the Kingdom of Albia and any other overseas territories, including against terrorism; to support the Government's foreign policy objectives particularly in promoting international peace and security".


The RAAF was founded under the directive of Luke I of Albia. It was established on 13 June 2022.


Senior Management

The professional head and highest-ranking officer of the Royal Albian Air Force is the Chief of the Air Staff (CAS). They report to the Chief of the Defence Staff, who is the professional head of the Armed Forces of Albia.

The management of the RAAF is the responsibility of the Air Force Board, a sub-committee of the Defence Council which is part of the Ministry of Defence and body legally responsible for the defence of the Kingdom of Albia. The Chief of the Air Staff chairs the Air Force Board (AFB) which decides on the policy and actions required for the RAAF to meet the requirements of the Defence Council and His Majesty's Government.

The Chief of the Air Staff is supported by several other senior commanders; the main positions are shown in the following table.

Royal Air Force senior management positions
Title Rank NATO Rank
Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal OF-9
Deputy Commander of Capability Air Vice-Marshal OF-7
Deputy Commander of Operations Air Vice-Marshal OF-7
Assistant Chief of the Air Staff Air Marshal OF-8
Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Plans) Air Vice-Marshal OF-7
Chief of Staff Personnel and Air Secretary Air Vice-Marshal OF-7
Commandant General Royal Auxiliary Air Force Air Vice-Marshal OF-7
Director of Legal Services Air Vice-Marshal OF-7
Air Member for Materiel and Chief of Materiel Air Commodore OF-6
Chaplain-in-Chief Air Vice-Marshal OF-7
Director of Resources Civilian
Warrant Officer of the Royal Albian Air Force Warrant Officer OR-9

Air Command

Administrative and operational command of the RAAF is delegated by the Air Force Board to Headquarters Air Command.


A flying squadron is an aircraft unit which carries out the primary tasks of the RAAF. They can be awarded standards and battle honours for meritorious service. Most flying squadrons are commanded by a squadron leader or wing commander, however some squadrons may be commanded by flight lieutenants.


Independent flights are so designated because they are explicitly smaller in size than a squadron.



Officers hold a commission from the Sovereign, which provides the legal authority for them to issue orders to subordinates. The commission of a regular officer is granted after successfully completing the Initial Officer Training course.

Other Ranks

Other ranks attend the Recruit Training Squadron to complete their enlistment process. RAAF other ranks fall into four categories: Warrant Officers, Senior Non-Commissioned Officers, Junior Non-Commissioned Officers and Airmen. All Warrant Officers in the RAAF are equal in terms of rank, but the most senior Non-Commissioned appointment is known as the Warrant Officer of the Royal Albian Air Force.


Royal Albian Air Force Ranks
Marshal of the RAAF
Air Chief Marshal
Air Marshal
Air Vice Marshal
Air Commodore
Group Captain
Wing Commander
Squadron Leader
Flight Lieutenant
Flying Officer
Pilot Officer
Officer Cadet
Warrant Officer
Flight Sergeant
Chief Technician
Lance Corporal
Senior Aircraftman (Technician)
Senior Aircraftman
Leading Aircraftman

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