Civil Air Patrol (Albia)

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Civil Air Patrol
Insignia of the CAP
Founded13 June 2022
CountryAlbiaFlag.png Kingdom of Albia
AllegianceLuke I of Albia
TypeCivilian Auxiliary
RoleSearch and Rescue
Disaster Relief
Aerospace Education
Cadet Programs
Commander-in-ChiefLuke I of Albia
Deputy CommandantVacant

The Civil Air Patrol is a civilian auxiliary organisation supporting the Armed Forces of Albia, more specifically the Royal Albian Air Force.


The Civil Air Patrol is the oldest military-linked organisation that isn't part of the armed forces in the Kingdom of Albia. Luke I of Albia founded the organisation on 13 June 2022 as an organisation to support military operations and to provide a opportunities for younger citizens to be able to help contribute to the Kingdom.


CAP members are civilians and are not paid by the Government of Albia for their service, however senior members may benefit from some, though not all, benefits offered by the Ministry of Veteran Affairs.

Senior Membership is open to all citizens of Albia aged 16 and older. There is no upper age limit, nor membership restrictions for physical disabilities, due to the number of different tasks which members may be called on to perform. Cadet membership is open to those aged between 12 and 16 who maintain satisfactory progress in school. Upon a cadet's 16th birthday they may become a senior member or remain in the cadet program until age 18.

All CAP members are also obligated by their service to the organization to abide by its core values

Senior Members

Senior members are members of the CAP who joined at age 16 or moved up from the Cadet Program upon reaching age 16 or 18. There is no mandatory retirement age for CAP members, and there are no physical requirements for joining.

The structure of the corps is similar to that of the Royal Albian Air Force, with ex-Air Force personnel who join the CAP may retain their rank from the air force provided they achieved it with meritorious service.

Cadet Program

Civil Air Patrol's cadet program is a traditional military-style cadet program. Cadets practice military customs and courtesies. They are required to maintain physical fitness standards, and are tested on their knowledge of leadership and aerospace topics at each promotion opportunity.

Relationship to Military

While the Civil Air Patrol is a military auxiliary, it is not officially part of the Armed Forces and is not an operating reserve component of the RAAF. However the Ministry of Defence may use the CAP to fulfill the non-combat programs and missions of the air force.


The CAP is organised with a military structure. It has a hierarchical Chain of Command. It follows a similar structure in its organisation to the Royal Albian Air Force. Civil Air Patrol is headed by a Commandant, appointed by the Ministry of Defence, who is a senior ranking officer within the CAP.

The Civil Air Patrol breaks off into Local Units, known as "Squadrons", that typically forms two or three platoons known as "Flights" allowing for a more structured organisation allowing for increased efficiency.

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