Colony of Belnahua

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The Colony of Belnahua was a self-governing colony claimed by the Republic of Taigh a Bata. It comprised of the islands in the large flooded quarry on the Scottish island of Belnahua. Belnahua also had the power to create its own legislation, as long as it was approved by the Lord of Belnahua.

The Colony of Belnahua was reformed as the Territory of Belnahua on the 19th of September 2011.

Copy of Camuria land flag-1-.png
Capital city Lac Belnahua Granda Insula
Official languages Taigh a Batan, English, Scottish Gaelic
Cultural languages of state  Batakréyol, Nanny Ogg French
Lord of Belnahua Scott Harwood
President t.b.c
Last Election t.b.c
Official Currencies Taigh a Bata Dollar, British Pound