Territory of Belnahua

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Territory of Belnahua
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Capital cityLako Belnahua Granda Insulo
Official language(s)Taigh a Batan, English, Caran
Minority: Scottish Gaelic
GovernmentTerritory of Taigh a Bata
- GovernorScott Harwood
Established18 August 2010, renamed 19 September 2011
Population1 (de facto)
CurrencyTaigh a Bata Dollar, British Pound

The Territory of Belnahua was founded by the Republic of Taigh a Bata as the Colony of Belnahua on the 18th of August 2010. It was later made a self-governing territory of Taigh a Bata on the 19th of September 2011.


The territory consisted of three islands located in the flooded slate quarries on the Scottish island of Belnahua. The territory was only subject to few provisions of the 2011 Taigh a Batan Constitution, and could create its own laws.