Nanny Ogg French

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Nanny Ogg French
Spoken inTaigh a Bata
Total speakers1+
Influenced byFrench, Spanish, English, various Nanny Ogg Frenches
TypeConstructed language

Nanny Ogg French, or 'Foreign' as it is commonly known, is a conlang of the Republic of Taigh a Bata. It was invented by Terry Pratchet for some of the Discworld books.


Foreign is the language sometimes spoken by the Discworld character Nanny Ogg, notably in the book 'Witches Abroad'. The syntax is French, while the words themselves come from French, Spanish and English, for example: "Excuzez moi, young homme". Three residents of Taigh a Bata (Scott Harwood, Robert Ingham and Christian Pomeroy) decided to make the language official in the Republic of Taigh a Bata.

Current Use

The language was never really developed beyond its infancy. As a result, it is rarely written, if not spoken. Taigh a Bata still retains the language for historic purposes.