Civil Society of Arsenia

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Civil Society of Arsenia
LeaderPantares Epizelos Bulis
Founded9 November 2018
Ideology • Center
 • Liberalism
 • Classical liberalism
 • Anti-authoritarianism
 • Anti-communism
Senate of Arsenia
0 / 2
CountryFlag1Arsenia.png Republic of Arsenia

The Civil Society of Arsenia is a centrist liberal party in Arsenia, created by Pantares Epizelos Bulis on 9 November 2018.

Attended the Senatorial elections of Arsenia 2018 presenting Tiberius Curtius Cilo as candidate for the Senate, with a programme in which he defended the total liberalisation of trade in order to favour the development of Arsenia and the privatisation of educational institutions. It got 7.5% of the votes.