Christian Democratic Union of Arsenia

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Christian Democratic Union of Arsenia
LeaderÁggelos Basilios Eustace
Founded8 November 2018
Ideology • Christian democracy
 • Centre-right politics
 • One-nation conservatism
Senate of Arsenia
1 / 2
CountryFlag1Arsenia.png Republic of Arsenia

The Christian Democratic Union of Arsenia is a centre-right political party created by Ággelos Basilios Eustace on 8 November 2018. Its basic postulates advocate preserving the traditional order of Arsenia and defending its values of orthodox Christian roots against the postmodernists societies of globalization.

The CDU has publicly advocated grand coalition agreements with the Social Democratic Party of Arsenia to ensure that far-left or far-right politics cannot have influence in the nation.[1]

Legislature 2018/2020

Attended the Senatorial elections of Arsenia 2018 presenting Olympia Leonora Terentia as candidate for the Senate, with a programme in which she defended to create public educational institutions to contribute to the inclusion of citizens in the labour market in their places of residence, focusing the development of Arsenia on new technologies and craftsmanship with value-added products. It got 62.5% of the votes and a seat in the Senate.

Olympia Leonora Terentia was elected President of the Senate on 14 November and nominated Ággelos Basilios Eustace as candidate for the Presidency of Arsenia, being elected.

Legislature 2018/2020 of the Senate of Arsenia