Social Democratic Party of Arsenia

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Social Democratic Party of Arsenia
LeaderGaius Albius Scaeva
Founded9 November 2018
Ideology • Democratic socialism
 • Centre-left politics
 • Left-wing nationalism
Senate of Arsenia
1 / 2
CountryFlag1Arsenia.png Republic of Arsenia

The Social Democratic Party of Arsenia was created by Gaius Albius Scaeva on 9 November 2018, inspired by the values of democratic socialism, and is therefore in favour of promoting equal opportunities and a powerful public education and health information system in Arsenia. He shares with the Christian democracy the tendency to reach grand coalition agreements to avoid the rise of extremism to power in the nation, however he is not in favour of isolating Arsenia in a traditionalist drift that leaves it out of the changes that are happening in the world with globalization and multiculturalism.

In the Senatorial elections of Arsenia 2018 they presented Gaius Albius Scaeva as a candidate, and obtained 22.5% of the votes, being the second most voted party and with 1 seat in the Senate. He voted in favour of the investiture of the Christian Democratic candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Ággelos Basilios Eustace, whom he has also supported on numerous occasions in senatorial resolutions.