Senate of Arsenia

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"Senatus Populusque Arsenianum"
TypeUnicameral legislature
HousesSenate of Arsenia
President of the SenateOlympia Leonora Terentia
since 13 November 2018
President of ArseniaÁggelos Basilios Eustace
since 14 November 2018
First SecretaryBasilio Kyril Mateo
since 15 November 2018
Members2 Senators
Last election13 November 2018
For Senators
14 November 2018
For President of Arsenia

The Senate of the Republic is the national unicameral legislature of Arsenia. The Senate has the power to make laws for the nation; no other legislative authority has the power to make laws for Arsenia. It was created on November 13, 2018 after the approval of the first Constitution of Arsenia.

The Senate is composed of two representatives from each department of the nation. The senators will be elected by secret universal suffrage and in accordance with the Law d'Hondt.

Any senator may initiate a bill in the Senate. A bill must be approved by a vote in the Senate. A bill has 3 days for debate and 2 days for votes. For a bill to be considered approved by the Senate, it must obtain a majority of support within the seated members.

Legislature 2018/2020

The first legislature of the Senate began on November 14 after the celebration of the Senatorial elections of Arsenia 2018.