Central Peoples Bank of Uskor

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Central Peoples Bank of Uskor
Uskorian centrala folkens banken
Sentral Folkibank von Uskorian
Logo of CPBU
Logo of CPBU
HeadquartersCity of Stepenavik, Uskor
Established2012 - 2017
DirectorCharlotte Lindstrom
Central bank ofUskor
CurrencyUskorian Credit
CRE (ISO 4217)
Preceded byRoyal Bank of Uskor
CPBU is an agency of the Uskorian Central Economic Commission

The Central Peoples' Bank of Uskor (Swedish:Uskors centrala folkens banken, Zealandian: Central Folkibank af Uskor) was the central bank of Uskor and was for a time also the only savings bank within Uskor until it was shut down in 2017.


The Central Peoples' Bank of Uskor was founded by the Central Economic Commission of Uskor following Uskor's Winter Revolution in August 2012. Prior to the Winter Revolution, Uskor's only bank was the Royal Bank of Uskor which had been in existence since May 2010.

Political control and Socialist Policies

Although theoretically independent of political interference, the Central Peoples' Bank of Uskor has since it's establishment had solely socialist, democratic socialist or communist persons controlling internal policy.
The Central Economic Commission retains overall control of the bank and the Uskorian economy through the issuance of "Economic Directives".


USKORT and USKONTO (English:USCARD and USACCOUNT)are the Central Peoples' Bank of Uskor's primary consumer products.


USKORT, is a card that allows a customer to make easy withdrawals from any branch of the the Central Peoples' Bank of Uskor and participating other banks by presenting the card and Personal Identification Number (PIN)to the terminal operator.


USKONTO is the Central Peoples' Bank of Uskor's everyday savings account for citizens and residents of Uskor and is notable for having no account fees.