Cascadian Police Force

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Cascadian Police Force
Established 20 May 2019
Country Cascadia
General nature Gendarmie
Law enforcement
Local Civilian Police
Purpose To serve and protect civilians and provide basic police services
Motto "Service with Honor, Cascadia We Serve"
Chief Inspector Her Excellency President Cookie the Cat
Minister of Justice Buster McCovey
Commander Buster McCovey
General information
Jurisdiction Republic of Cascadia
Headquarters Clackamas, Portlandia, Cascadia
Active personnel 20
Standard Weapons * Squirt Bottle
* .22 Caliber Water Pistol
* Baton

The Cascadian Police Force is the official Gendarmie-style national civilian police force of the Republic of Cascadia. It originated as the Cascadian People's Armed Police, taking it's current form following the Cascadian War. In times of warfare, the CPF may be used as a reserve military force if directed by the Ministry of Defense with authorization from the President.

The Police Force is overseen, funded, and directed by the Ministry of Justice, which is presided over by the Justice Minister, appointed by the President of the Republic. The President holds the position of Chief Inspector and makes decisions regarding the organization of units and the promotion of officers in consultation with the Ministry of Justice. The Police Force currently consists of 20 members.

The Police Force are responsible for general law enforcement duties and civilian defense.

Current Roster

  • Commander Buster McCovey
  • Captain Cali Bear
  • Captain Martin Salvador
  • Captain Purrlock Holmesheen
  • Captain Melissa Woodard
  • Captain James von Hindenburg
  • Captain Thomas Wilde
  • Captain Julia Smith
  • Captain Olaf Gustafsen II
  • Captain Joanne Wilde
  • Captain Mikaela Richardson
  • Sergeant Katherine von Hindenburg
  • Sergeant Tater the Cat
  • Sergeant Pip the Cat
  • Sergeant Mary Graceson
  • Sergeant Eric Woodard
  • Sergeant Olaf Gustaf Gustafsen
  • Officer Olaf Marksen
  • Officer Pretty the Cat
  • Officer Pink the Cat