Cascadian National Union Party

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Cascadian National Union Party
PresidentCookie the Cat
Vice PresidentPoppy the Cat
SecretaryTwylie the Cat
Slogan"Cascadia for All!"
FoundedMay 17, 2019 (current form) December 8, 2018 (as Animalian NUP))
December 6, 2016 (as Feline Party)
Membership  (2019)15
IdeologyCascadian nationalism
National Unionism
Green politics
Animal rights
Stuffy rights
Fiscal conservatism
Economic liberalism
Political positionBig tent
Official coloursBlue and Green

The Cascadian National Union Party is a populist party in Cascadia who's main goal is perpetuating and protecting the sovereignty of the Cascadian Democratic Republic, animal rights and non-sentients. It is the national branch of National Union Parties which it seeks to have in every Cascadian state. It originated as the Feline Party, which split in two, forming the Feline Socialist Party (which merged with the greater Sonoran party in October 2018), and the Feline Nationalist Party. The Nationalists has historically been accused of perpetuating Feline supremacy after one of its leaders had made some controversial statements regarding Canines. These members have since reformed their views and the party has taken a more moderately right slant. The Feline Nationalist Party was banned in September 2018 but reemerged as a reincarnation of the Feline Party for the December 2018 Sonoran general election before reorganizing into the Animalian National Union. They gained only one seat in the Confederation Congress in the initial election but with the establishment of a new capital and all but one citizen moving with it, the party held 2 seats for the last half of the Congressional session. During this time, they were considered crossbenchers, with Congress electing ANUP leader, Cookie the Cat, as "President of the Confederation Congress" (later Prime Minister). They also won the majority in the Animalian National Council. They would maintain these seats in the March election and again in the May election after the fall of Sonora itself. Following the events of the Cascadian War, Animalia merged with Cascadian and the Animalian National Union Party became the Cascadian NUP.


The Party is based in the former Animalian capital, Pawtucket. Originally called the Feline Party, it was the first feline rights party to develop from the greater Stuffy and animal rights revolution that occurred near the end of the Shaoshan era of 2016 and the transition into the Sonoran era. The Party's armed wing which is now the armed forces of the Feline Republic was the Kitty Army which it disbanded following the September 2016 Shaoshanian election. The Party was led by Goldie the Cat up until her resignation and death in June 2017. The Party then dedicated to her the ceremonial role of Eternal Chairman with the President becoming the highest body of the party. The Party was led by Twylie the Cat until January 2018 when Sirsheen the Cat was elected party President in time for the January general election with party Secretary, Cookie the Cat, running for the Presidency. In November 2017, after a referendum passed on one day prior, the Feline Republic declared independence from Sonora and formed the Feline National Council. The Kitty Army was reestablished but as the republic's defense force and the ideological divide between the left and right of the party culminated in the splitting of the Feline Party into the Socialists and Nationalists, who credit themselves as the legal continuation of the Feline Party as a whole. The current incarnation of the Feline Party was revived from the end of the Smithist regime in Sonora, which banned the Feline Nationalists. After the Great Patriotic War, old nationalists registered as the Feline Party to continue on the legal standing of the organization. It was reorganized after the December 2018 election as the Animalian National Union Party (ANUP). The party gained traction near Animalia's independence from Sonora in April 2019 and its merger with Cascadia. Since then, it has become a main player in Cascadian politics. In August 2019, the party won only one seat in the National Assembly and lost its majority in the Pawtucket City Council. Despite this, the party holds the tie breaking vote in the National Assembly and announced it would form a national unity government. Poppy the Cat announced her resignation, only one month after being elected by the party as Secretary, after her loss to LDP candidate, Stormy the Cat, in her home city of Pawtucket. Twylie the Cat, who won her reelection bid in Petigrad, would become the new Party parliamentary leader and Secretary.


The Party is solely civic nationalist and populist, advocating for stricter defense and less regulation with more emphasis on state related issues. It advocates animal and stuffy rights.


The Feline Nationalist Party was criticized as bring Far-right, xenophobic, and Feline supremacist after statements were made in late 2018 by party leadership that canines were "stupid" and that cats are the "more dominant, civilized species". The Party was accused of being agitative and trying to push the Republic away from its Sonoran ally based on historical oppression of the country's former ruler, Titus Smith. However the party contended that it is purely nationalistic and that any statements made by party members or leadership as individuals did not reflect the views of the party as a whole. The party disavowed the members for a time until it was eventually banned outright in August 2018. After the fall of the Smithist regime in Sonora, which the Feline Republic had joined and become Animalia, the party was revived once again as the Feline Party. The disavowed members were allowed to return and were elected to leadership, having reformed their views.