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Commonwealth of Cansdia
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Anthem: "The Cansdia Palice"
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Map of Cansdia Provinces
Largest cityVancover
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesEnglish language, Cansdiona language
GovernmentConstitutional Morachy under a multi-party system
C.B Copp
• Low Prime Minister
Bennett Copp
LegislatureCansdia Parliament
Independence from USA
• State established
Jan 1 2016
• Current constitution
30 May 2020
• Estimate
CurrencyCansdia Jack
Time zoneEST


Cansdia was created by Bennett Copp in 2018 when he decided to make his own country called peace run by the King and Queen of the country but at that time it was called Peace. And that's when the revolution happened when citizens who thought that the kingdom of Peace was becoming to much of a dictatorship they decided to do something about it and that's when democracy was made and Cansdia was born as a democratic process country. Cansdia also had a civil war where the south and the north parts of the country hated each other and started a war from there conflicted


Cansdia is a constitutional monarchy with KING CHANCE and High-Prime-Minister and chancellor as heads of government with one legislative branch one is the Governatoral Branch where the governors of the 7 provinces (Higher Branch). They all meet up once a month to make laws.


The executive branch consists of the High-Prime-Minister, Low-Prime-Minister, Chancellor. The incumbent High-Prime-Minister is Not Filled, there is no Low-Prime-Minister in the current ticket, the current Chancellor wishes to stay anonymous.


The Legislative Branch of the Cansdia Government consists of the Cansdia Parliament, which is elected by the people of Cansdia every year. The main party in the Cansdia Parliament the colonial party. Governors are elected to rule there Provinces but also to represent there province in the Cansdia Parliament the leader is the High-Prime-Minister


Unlike many other countries, the Judicial Branch of Cansdia is elected. Every three months, an election is held for members of the Judicial Assembly, with one elected from each of the 5 provinces represented in Parliament. These members serve as a body similar to a Jury. As well as this, a Chairperson of the Judicial Assembly is elected annually. The current Chair is Bennett Copp. The incumbent High-Prime-Minister is Bennett Copp

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There are 8 Provinces 5 of witch are recognised in parliament


Flag Province Population Governor
Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 09.52.23.png Vincel 2 Bennett Copp
Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 09.54.47.png Cibly 1 Wishes to stay anonymous
Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 09.59.04.png Houuse 2 Wishes to stay anonymous
Kitcha Flag.png Bufoto 0 Tigger Copp
Bathemia Flag.png Pachino 0 King Chance
Birsland Flag.png Offina 0 Wishes to stay anonymous

Foreign relations

Cansdia recognizes all UN member states

Unilateral recognition

Mutual recognition

Sanctioned nations