Commonwealth of Egan

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Commonwealth of Egan

Unity and Progress
Capital cityQuerencia
Official language(s)English,French, Esperanto, Eganese
GovernmentOne-Party Socialist Republic
- GovernorChristopher Kimyona
- GovernessVacant
LegislatureQuerencia Assembly
EstablishedJuly 10th, 2017
Area claimed39 acres
Time zoneEganese Standard Time
National sportJunimo Dodgeball
National drinkCowsby Cocktail
National animalSquirrel
Patron saintSaint Pepper (mythical)

Egan is a micronation located in rural Canada, specifically in the province of Quebec.

Government and politics

Egan is a single-party republic led by Governor Christopher Kimyona.

Kimyona is also General Secretary of the Eganese National Coalition, commonly referred to as NatCo, or occasionally, the ENC. Senators of NatCo include: Elisabeth Kimyona, Richard Kimyona, the Governor, and honorary Senator Aster.


The nation of Podokan was founded in 2014. It was a tribal kingdom with communistic aspects. It was disbanded a year later due to "stinky material" as stated by one of its co-leaders, Christopher Kimyona, then known as Aydo of Podokan.

The Republic of New Podokan was founded by Kimyona (now going by the name Goston) in May of 2017, but quickly devolved into an acorn-worshiping theocracy known as Nevatim. It was disbanded due to religious disagreements in early June of that year.

On July 10th, 2017, the Neopagan State of Egan was founded. Remembering his past failures in Nevatim, Kimyona quickly reformed the nation in the following days into a single-party republic. On October 17th, 2017, Kimyona promoted himself to Viscount of Egan, and crowned himself Kaiser on Christmas of that year. A Socialist revolution took place a month later, and the Socialist Republic of Egan thrived for a full three months before a brief monarchist coup followed by the return of the single-party system that ruled Egan from August to October 2017. From then, it was a constant battle between the Monarchists and the National Coalition, with NatCo finally emerging victorious in late 2018.


Egan's culture is based largely on the video game Stardew Valley. Real-life influences include British and Slavic culture.

Egan's pastimes include Junimo Dodgeball, a Stardew Valley themed game based on Frosty Dodgeball, which is a Christmas themed dodgeball-like game invented by a certain LB. Players must run to the middle of the court to collect as many bundles (dodgeballs) as possible to throw at other players and knock down the other players' Junimo (bowling pins). Once all Junimo are knocked down, the team's Community Centre can legally be knocked down with a bundle. If the Community Centre is knocked own before all the Junimo are toppled, the team whose Community Centre was illegally hit automatically wins. Players can use fences (yoga mats) to block attacks as long as the fences do not cover the Junimo. If a player is hit with a ball, they must mine five levels (do five jumping jacks) in the penalty box. The only player allowed to enter the other team's side and knock down Junimo is the Farmer, who wears a ribbon around their waste the same colour as their team's pinny. The Farmer can knock down Junimo until the ribbon is tugged on by a player of the opposite team.

Other pastimes in Egan include playing Nintendo games, notably Mario Kart.

Egan's national dish is pancakes. Its national beverage is the Cowsby Cocktail which consists of cow's milk and maple syrup.


Egan's official religion is Yobanism, a religion founded by game developer and musician Eric Barone, creator of Stardew Valley. Adherents worship the god Yoba and the Yoban cross. They venerate Barone as a prophet of Yoba.


April 9th is Eganese April Fool's Day, commemorating the snowstorm that occurred on April 9th, 2019, and melted within two days.

April 13th is the Acorn Festival which celebrates the coming of Spring. Eganese citizens collect acorns left under the snow and paint them. It is based on the Stardew Valley Egg Festival, which is based on Easter.

May 24th is the Willow Dance. Its name is slightly misleading, as dancing rarely occurs during this festival, but citizens do gather around the Querencia Willow to socialize and host picnics.

June 28th is the Dance of the Bungalow Jim, where citizens gather around Big Bird's Pond and send a candle on a raft into the water. After witnessing the small aquatic creatures of the pond illuminated by the candlelight, the raft is drawn back in. It is based on Stardew Valley's Dance of the Moonlight Jellies. Bungalow Jim is Eganese slang for frogs, which populate Big Bird's Pond.

July 10th is Eganese Independence Day. It also coincides with the birthday of Senator Richard Kimyona and scientist Nikola Tesla.

August 11th is the Cornmallow Festival. It celebrates family togetherness as it occurs at the time of year where relatives visit family in Querencia. Marshmallows and corn are consumed during this festival. Swimming and recreational boating are common activities of the day. It is based on the Stardew Valley Luau which is based on the Hawaiian Luau.

September 16th is the Artisan's Fair, where artisans such as musicians and sculptors display their work at their booths in Querencia and Lenoway. This is based on the Stardew Valley Fair.

October 27th is Spirit's Eve, where the Scammington Gazebo is decorated and turned into the Haunted Gazebo. Currently the Haunted Gazebo is underfunded, so it consists solely of an amputated hanging skeleton figurine.

December 10th is the Governor's Day, commemorating the birthday of Governor Kimyona, Egan's first and arguably best governor.

December 25th is the Feast of the Winter Star, which is the Eganese equivalent of Christmas. St. Pepper is an immortal penguin whisperer of Viking origins who settled in Antarctica from England hundreds of years ago. He is said to bring candy and presents made by his penguins to children and adults on Winter Star's Eve. This is based on Stardew Valley's Feast of the Winter Star.

January 8th is the ice festival, where tire d'erable is consumed and snow ingots are made if the snow is right. Citizens also go sledding, build snowmen, and sit in holes they make in the snow. This is based on the ice festival in Stardew Valley.


Egan claims one main territory and one embassy.


Querencia is the capital of Egan. It's a 35-acre property in Argenteuil RMC. It is ruled by its Senators Elisabeth and Richard Kimyona. It is home to Big Bird (the Eganese monument not the Sesame Street character), Kimyona Manor, Big Bird's Pond, two sheds, a rabbit farm, and a vegetable garden. The name is derived from the Spanish metaphysical concept Querencia. The name was coined by Richard Kimyona.


Lenoway is a long strip of elevated forested grassland somewhere in Montreal, Canada.


The currency of Egan is the Eganese Lid, which is pegged to the average value of 1 pound of aluminium according to Currently there are two varieties: the 5 lid bill and the 10 lid bill. The lid has no subdivisions, like the cent is to a dollar.