Caidanian constitutional referendum, 2018

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Caidanian constitutional referendum, 2018
Approves the Constitution proposal drafted and presented by the deputies of Caïd Parliament?
2 December 2018
Votes %
Yes Yes 53 68.83%
No No 22 28.57%
Total votes 77 100%
Turnout 100&

On December 2, 2018, a referendum was held so that the citizens could decide whether or not to approve the proposed constitution for the Republic of Caïd presented by the deputies of the Parlament de Caïd. It was the first referendum in Caidanian history. For the first time in history, abstention was allowed.


Referendum question

The referendum question was, in Catalan:

Aproveu la proposta de Constitució redactada i presentada pels diputats del Parlament de Caïd?

Both questions, in English, translate to:

Approves the Constitution proposal drafted and presented by the deputies of Caïd Parliament?


Position of political parties

Position Political parties Political orientation Leaders
Yes Yes New Center Coalition Centrism Joan Hereu i Coma
Social Democratic Party of Caïd Social democracy Candreu Marfany i Valls
No No Caïd Democratic Union Monarchism Joana Ribes de Cortellès
Democratic Left of Caïd Socialism Fauno Gos

The moderate centrists, led by Joan Hereu, and the Social Democratic Party of Caïd, led by Candreu Marfany, both supported the "Yes" option.

Though Joana Ribes, leader of the Caïd Democratic Union, confirmed, after abstaining in the vote in parliament (because of the governability agreement with centrists), that the party's official position would be to back the "No" campaign. The Democratic Left of Caïd,that in the elections was presented in coalition with the social democrats, announced that his official position would be a NO because they considered that the constitution proposal was not sufficiently social. Some sectors of the party declared themselves to be either neutral or outright in favor of the "Yes" campaign.

The campaign began after the approval of the draft constitution by the parliament in September. The options had 3 months of campaign.

Yes camp

The "Yes" option is supported by the Un SÍ per Caïd ("A YES for Caïd") campaign. The campaign is chaired by a group of independents citizens. Each party in the "YES" block made its own propaganda.

  • CNC: "Una constitució moderada per a un país moderat"
  • PSDC:

No camp

The "No" option did not have any unit campaign, each block party made its own propaganda.


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