Bryson Buschmeyer

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Bryson Buschmeyer
of Jacktopia/of the Grand Jacktopian Army
Bryson Buschmeyer 2021.jpg

In office
August 2014 – 2017

Vice President of the JMCCGA
In office
April 2017 – May 2017

Leader 2 in Jacktopia
Assumed office 
February 2020

Born 17 July 2006 (2006-07-17) (age 16)

Bryson Thomas Buschmeyer (born 2006) is a Jacktopian politician. He is currently Leader 2 in The Grand Republic of Jacktopia. He was also the first Leader 1 in 2015. Buschmeyer has been in political and military roles in other micronations as well. He is a citizen of Jacktown.

Government Positions

Position Nation Beginning of Term End of Term Number of Terms Previous Holder Next Holder Notes Election
Leader 1 The Grand Republic of Jacktopia August 2014 May 2017 1 1st Xavier Berhow Became Leader after joining. None
Vice President JackMinecraftClub Gamer's Addition April 2017 May 2017 1 Jack Kelley Last Served under President Jack Kelley. 2017
Leader 2 Jacktopia February 2020 CURRENT 2 James Green CURRENT Became Leader after joining. None, 2021

Military Positions

Position Nation Time with Position Rank Higher Rank Lower Others with Position Wars with Position
General The Grand Republic of Jacktopia 2014-2018 Jack Kelley Soldiers Jon Wascher Club War 1, Waffle Nation Clubs Civil War, The War of the Rejected, The Forgotten War, Club War 2
Soldier Waffle Nation 2014-2015 Matthew Hartung, William Baxa Lowest ~12 others CW1
General JackMinecraftClub Gamer's Addition 2016-2017 Jack Kelley Soldiers None WotR, TFW, CW2
Colonel Jacktopia February 2020-Now Jon Wascher and Ryan Push None None