Waffle Nation Clubs Cival War

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The Waffle Nation Clubs Civil War was a war between former allies Rainbow Nation, Jacktopia, and JackMinecraftClub Gamer's Addition. The war lasted from August to November 2016. After only one person joined the side of the JMCCGA, they joined Jacktopia. The war would end with War Nation declaring war on both Rainbow Nation and Jacktopia. They became allies again with a peace treaty.

Nation 3 Highest Ranking Officials # of People in Army Alliance Win or Loss
Waffle Nation John Tasset, Logan Pilkenton ,Noah Steffinsmeyer ~15 1 -
Jacktopia Jack Kelley, Jon Wascher(2nd half of war), Bryson Buschmeyer, William Baxa 16 2 -
JMCCGA Jon Wascher 1 3(1st half), 2(2nd half) -

No one won as the war ended with a peace treaty