2021 Jacktopian Elections

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Jacktopia held its third presidential and fourth leader elections on May 13, 2021, the first since 2019. The next election will take place in 2023 Candidates began to announce their candidacy on January 1, 2021. The deadline was January 14 for presidential candidates and April 25 for leader candidates, though it was eventually extended to May 12.

2021 Jacktopian Presidential Election
May 5-May 12, 2021
  Jack Kelley 2020.jpg Jon Wascher 2020.jpg Gabe Read.jpg
Nominee President Jack Kelley Vice President Jon Wascher Leader 4 Gabe Read
Electoral vote 4(1st Vote), 6(2nd Vote), 8(Final Vote) 4(1st Vote), 7(2nd Vote), 2(Final Vote) 4(1st Vote), 5(2nd Vote)
  Bryson Buschmeyer.jpg Kale Borisow.jpg
Nominee Leader 2 Bryson Buschmeyer Kale Borisow
Electoral vote 1(1st Vote) 1(1st Vote)

President before election

Jack Kelley

Elected President

Jack Kelley


Five candidates made a run for the presidency, incumbent President Jack Kelley, Vice President Jon Wascher, Leader 2 Bryson Buschmeyer, Leader 4 Gabe Read, and Kale Borisow. The first primary vote took place from April 16 to April 19, 2021. This vote ended with a three-way tie for first between President Jack Kelley, Vice President Jon Wascher, and Leader Gabe Read. Voting in a second primary began on the 19th and ended on April 20, with only those three on the ballot. Vice President Jon Wascher got the most votes, seven, followed by President Jack Kelley with six and Leader Gabe Read with five. Kelley and Wascher ran against each other for the Presidency for the third election in a row. In the main election, President Kelley defeated Vice President Wascher with a vote of 8-2

Presidential Election Results
Place Name Party 1st Primary Vote % 2nd Primary Vote % Final Vote %
1 Jack Kelley Clubber 4 28.6% 6 33.3% 8 80%
2 Jon Wascher Clubber 4 28.6% 7 38.9% 2 20%
3 Gabe Read Democratic-Republican 4 28.6% 5 27.8% - -
4 Bryson Buschmeyer Clubber 1 7.1% - - - -
5 Kale Borisow Clubber 1 7.1% - - - -

Leader 1

Leader 1 Ryan Push announced his bid for re-election on April 20, 2021. As no one else ran, he was unopposed. This was the first time that a Leader 1 ran opposed.

Leader 1 Election Results
Place Name Party Vote %
1 Ryan Push Clubber 10 100%

Leader 2

Leader 2 Bryson Buschmeyer announced that he would run for re-election as Leader 2 shortly after losing the Presidential race on April 19. He ran unopposed, and is the second Leader to do so, the first being JD Calfy in 2018.

Leader 2 Election Results
Place Name Party Vote %
1 Bryson Buschmeyer Clubber 10 100%

Leader 3

Current Leader 3 Alvaro Figueroa announced his bid for re-election on April 19, 2021. He became the second Leader 3 to run unopposed, following John Henry Tasset in 2016.

Leader 3 Election Results
Place Name Party Vote %
1 Alvaro Figueroa Democratic-Republican 10 100%

Leader 4

Incumbent Leader 4 Gabe Read announced his bid for re-election as Leader shortly after losing in the second presidential primary on April 20. On May 8, former Leader 5 Landyn Kavan announced that he would challenge Read for the position. This is the first election for Leader 4 since Caleb Sund defeated Chance Christensen in 2017. Read defeated Kavan with a vote of 7-3. Leader Read was later impeached on May 18 after attempting election fraud in the election but was later reinstated citing the 3 strikes policy in the Jacktopian Constitution.

Leader 4 Election Results
Place Name Party Vote %
1 Gabe Read Democratic-Republican 7 70%
2 Landyn Kavan Clubber 3 30%

Leader 5

Incumbent Leader 5 Xavier Berhow announced his bid for re-election on April 29, 2021. Later that day, former Leader 4 Gavin Potter announced that he would challenge Berhow for the position. This was the first time two candidates had run for Leader 5 since Landyn Kavan defeated James Green in 2017. On election night, Potter defeated Berhow with a vote of 5-4. A late vote was turned in later, tying the election 5-5. This is the first tie in Jacktopian election history and only the second tie in the Waffle Nation Micronation system. The first was in the 2017 Rainbow Nation Presidential Election when President Jack Kelley and Owner John Henry Tasset tied at 18 each. A government vote will took place on May 18 to determine the winner. Potter defeated Berhow with a vote of 4-1, marking the first time an incumbent Leader 5 lost and only the third time an incumbent Leader lost, the first two also involving Berhow. In 2017 Berhow defeated incumbent Leader 2 John Henry Tasset to become Leader 1 and in 2018 Berhow lost that position to Will Baxa.

Leader 5 Election Results
Place Name Party Vote % Government Vote %
1 Gavin Potter Clubber 5 50% 4 80%
2 Xavier Berhow Clubber 5 50% 1 20%