Club War 1

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Club War 1, known at the time as The Great Club War, was a war between The Waffle Nation Forces(Waffle Nation, Jacktopia, and Lone Wolf Nation) and Gummy Bear Nation.It lasted from November 2014 to May 2015. The war ended when an attack by the Jacktopian army hurt the leader of Gummy Bear Nation. The war resulted in Gummy Bear Nation dying as well as Lone Wolf Nation during the end of the war. Waffle Nation would end later that year. The land the war was fought on is currently under Jacktopian control. It was named the Waffleton Territory after the nation they served with in the war.

Nation 3 Highest Ranking Officials # of People in Army Alliance Win or Loss
Waffle Nation John Tasset, Jack Kelley, Jon Wascher ~20 1 W
Jacktopia Jack Kelley, Jon Wascher, Bryson Buschmeyer 3 1 W
Gummy Bear Nation Sarah Taylor, Sadie Davis, ? ~5 2 L
Lone Wolf Nation Jon Wascher, Jack Kelley 2 1 -

1= Waffle Nation Forces, 2=Gummy Bear Nation Forces
Lone Wolf Nation didn't make it to the end of the war, so they didn't win or lose the war.