Jacktown, Jacktopia

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Country Jacktopia
Founded by Jack Kelley2015

Jacktown is a city inside the Grand Republic of Jacktopia. Founded in 2015 by Jack Kelley, it is the first Jacktopian city and the current capital of Jacktopia.


Name Jacktopian Government Positions Jacktopian Military Positions Year Joined
Jack Kelley President(2014-Current), Founder of Jacktown and Jacktopia Commander(2014-Current) 2015
Bryson Buschmeyer Leader 1(2014-2017), Leader 2(2020-Current) General(2014-2018), Colonel(2020-Current) 2015-2018, 2020
Gabe Read Leader 4(2020-Current) Colonel(2020-Current) 2020
Xavier Berhow Leader 1(2017-2018), Leader 5(2020-Current) Soldier(2015-2018) 2015-2018, 2020