Brigadier General (Roscamistan)

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Brigadier General
Briogáidire-Ghinearál  (Irish)
Service branchRoscamistan Army
AbbreviationBrig Gen
Rankgeneral officer
NATO rankBrigadier General
Formation18 February 2021
Next higher rankMajor General
Next lower rankColonel

Brigadier General is the fifth highest officer rank in the Roscamistan Army, a part of the Roscamistan Defence Forces and the lowest general rank. Upon formation of Roscamistan, its military and ranks on 18 February 2021, the rank of Brigadier General was created.

List of brigadier generals

No. Portrait Name Life Service Notes
Matthew Williams in the East Galway Commune.jpeg
Matthew Williams 2008 – present 16 April 2022 – present Promoted to rank by Andrew Brotherton in name of President Adam Flannery whilst Flannery was away in Rhodes, Greece, after long consideration was given. Previously served as a Lieutenant Colonel and currently as Chief of the Defence Staff.