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Bill Trihus is a citizen of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, its Praetor and Minister of Cartography. Internationally, he is the Co-Administrator of the Micronational Cartography Society. He was an instrumental figure in Menelmacar and a proponent of the Soloralist religion.


Bill Trihus is probably one of the most infamous micronationalists, mostly for his constant outspoken matter. He is blunt and honest about his feelings toward things, which usually can get him into trouble. He tends to be paranoid in micronationalism, especially in the countries he was in - a flaw of his that has lead to much trouble, especially in Jasonia and Menelmacar. He can be described as a "cranky old man", being in micronationalism for a long time and thinking that the glory ages of simulationist micronationalism is long past gone. Bill is probably single-handedly the reason why Shireroth declared itself to not be Apollonian, as well as the cause for many other conflicts relating to the Apollo Sector. In the past, Bill could have been considered to be to the Apollo Sector as Pat Robertson was to Christianity.Despite all of his flaws, he seems to be recongized as a veteran micronationalist - the second eldest Apollonian and someone who knows what works and what doesn't work in micronationalism, as well as the consequences of various actions. He has lately been trying to atone for his actions in the past, although his intincts tend to get the best of him. Addicted to micronationalism like no other, (indeed, most of the people he considers his friends are micronationalists, rather than offline) he has been in micronationalism since August 1999, his first micronation being the ApolytonNation. His obsessive personality allows him to be dedicated to micronational tasks, and he is extremely loyal to people that he considers his friends.

Micronationalist History

Introduction to Micronationalism

In the year 1999, when Bill was 13 years old, Bill was first introduced to micronations by Scott Alexander in the Apolyton Off Topic in mid-August, when he was recruiting for the Apolyton Independent Nation, more commonly known at the time as ApolytonNation. Interested in the concept, he joined, but wasn't as active as he would have hoped, shy as to how he would do in the nation. When ApolytonNation collapsed in late August, Bill soon joined the nation of Morovia, by this time he had "invented" a new political system, which he called Demesos. While completely unsuccessful at the time to try to reform Morovia to the new system, he was active in its politics, and even became a Representative.

When Audentior was reformed from the ashes of ApolytonNation, he quickly joined, although he had other plans for micronationalism.

The United Demesos

On December 29, 1999, Bill founded the United Demesos, which was partially a political experiment to test out his political system, and partially a micronation for the heck of it. Some citizens from Apolyton (And neccessarily Audentior) joined; the concept of the Apollo Sector was born.

By today's standards, the United Demesos was a one-man micronation, with inactive citizens which might have not even actually wanted to join the nation. Indeed, this is part of the reason why Bill has skepticism toward citizen claims today. However, a culture did develop, sort of a nationalist pseudosocialist culture; probably like the political climate of France, although not France's actual culture. Because he was the President and no other citizen was really active, he was free to do basically all that he wanted. This got to the best of him when he came into diplomacy. bill was infanous at the time for inventing "gif wars", the use of maps to show invasions of territory of other nations. There was no MCS at the time, so he had made up the (badly drawn) maps of the nations. The two major wars that he had got into was the Automatic War and the Demesosian War, both against Automatica. Despite Bill's young and stupid nature, having a huge lack of diplomatic skills, he did manage to ally with the Republic of Blackrock, its leader, Shane Odlum, sharing hacking secrets that could give advantages against Automatica. While the Automatic War was fought via gif Wars, the Demesosian War was fought through hacking; in which Bill took over the Automatic forums, but stupidly used the same password there that was on his ezBoard account. This allowed Jasonia and GAPR to take over the United Demesos - by the time he managed to get his account back, the nation was pretty much completely abandoned, and therefore he declared the nation dead.

It is also interesting to note that at the time of th end of the Demesosian War, Bill had declared the United Demesos to leave the Apollo Sector. After the nation died, he quickly formed the Demesosian Republic of Tapfer, which was partialy a United Demesos clone, and partially a self-declared heir of Audentior, which by the time of the founding, had completely collapsed.

New Audentior

While he was not part of the original negotiations, Bill did soon join the Audentior that would form from the merging of Tapfer, Jasonia, Shireroth, and Hyperborea. In the nation he formed the Demesosian Party, which like before, was more like a nondescript liberal party. However, the party was successful in having people join. When a new constitution was formed, Bill had created a President position, whose purpose was solely to let himself be leader. The elections that would happen soon after, the Demesosian Party VS the BO0O/\/\ist Party, was a massive fraud. Bill made the election forms, made the Demesosian party candidates for the various positions the defaults instead of abstain, and fabricated inactive citizens from Tapfer to vote for him. Bill obviously won as President, but this lead to the collapse of the nation, Shireroth seceding (or in Bill's words at the time, suceeding) from the nation first. He formed an "army" and tried gif wars to liberate Shireroth, but he was just laughed at and banned from Shireroth's forums. This was the end of RecWars completely for two years, and as a serious form of warfare for five years.

Jasonia also quickly seceded, but stodlum, seeing the mess, hacked Bill's account (This wasn't actually hacking - he knew his password from the Spam Cannon, which at the time saved the passwords of those who used it; Bill didn't change the password once Shane admitted that he knew it) and gave control of the nation to Ryan Caruso. Bill and his nation of Tapfer reluctantly seceded.

After the fall of the Audentior, and after a quick restart of Tapfer, Bill abandoned the government system of Demesos completely, finding his previous actions to be juvinile - thus the "young and stupid" comment that would gain popularity later on.





Micronational Politics

Being a veteran micronationalist, having been in in the Micras Sector since its birth, he knows what works and what doesn't work. Bill is very skeptical of micronational merges and YAMOs, although moreso on merges, having been in many Big Pointless Mergers in the past. (UAS and Tymaria being the most prominent) He also seriously dislikes micronational themes that are taken from real nations, thinking them to be completely unoriginal; this mostly applies to Anglophone clones.

He is probably the only remaining (actually, only, period) Apollonian nationalist in a time when said "people" does not exist anymore. This mostly resorts to emphasizing the importance of the Apollo Sector to the modern micronational world. This had come to many clashes with Erik Mortis in the past, but mostly Liam Sinclair today.

Bill has a lot of micronational grudges from the past - unlike other people, he can only bury them, not let go of them. Most of these grudges involve either the destruction of Menelmacar or Jasonia, the two nations that Bill had considered his "home".

Former and Current Micronations